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September 16, 2011 – Austin, Texas, was hit with a massive amount of fires over the last couple weeks. So our Cub Scout Pack decided to give back to the community by helping to raise money for the Red Cross and collect supplies for the fire victims. We set up donations sites at a few places around the immediate area and only worked one weekend. Z and his buddy, J, worked at a Rudy’s restaurant in RR and collected $261.38 in only 2 hours. Our Pack as a whole, working just the weekend, raised $3081.93 plus gathered a storage unit of supplies. It is amazing how these boys jumped in and gave their video playing time to serve our community. And they looked so darn handsome doing it! I am so very proud of our little men! Bravo!


Wednesday, September 7 2011 we hosted another scout den meeting at our house. During our last den meeting we didn’t get to spend much time shooting tons of rockets,  so we decided to blast off rockets during this meeting. Hubby and I got all the rocket body parts premade and ready for the boys. There was enough supplies for each boy to make 3 rockets. They loved putting them together but loved the blasting off even more. We shot rockets for well over an hour. They had a blast! A few rockets even landed on some of our neighbor’s roofs. We kept shooting the rockets until they couldn’t be shot anymore and exploded. Total success!

Before we did the rockets, we had a surprise visitor during our den meeting. One of the Leaders in our Pack came to hand out some long over due awards to our boys. They each got patches, beltloops, and even pins. They were so surprised to get the special treatment. Thanks H for being so kind to come to the house!



Selling Popcorn

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Cub Scouts

Saturday, September 5, 2011 a few boys from our Cub Scout Den went to the mall to sell popcorn. They all did such a great job! They were so professional and polite to all the customers. They approached every passerby by saying “excuse me sir, would you like to support scouting…” and never got upset if someone said no. So proud of Z and the boys!