Open House at School

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Cub Scouts, School

August 18, 2011 was Open House at the school when we get to find out what teacher we got and tour the room. During Open House, there are many tables set up in the cafeteria for people to find out more information. Of course I was set up to try to get volunteers for the school year, PTA was there recruiting members, etc. Well hubby had an idea to have a cub scout table set up as well. So with our principal’s permission we set up a table during Open House. Hubby made a great presentation on his laptop of pictures of all the boys doing different things last year as scouts. Z helped his Dad recruit and so did our good friend J and her son R. I must say, the guys sure did look handsome in their uniforms!

We got the teacher that we wanted for Z this year! Mrs. M is just AWESOME! Her class is in tip-top shape and is quite organized (I love it so much)! And there are quite a few kids that Z already knows in his class; two being fellow scouts. It is going to be a great year!

R helped recruit kids and is also in Z's class this year.

Z and his wonderful teacher!

E is also in Z's class this year!

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