Our trip to see Arizona family

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Birthdays, Relatives, Summer Time, Vacation

August 1 – August 8, 2011 Z and I went to Arizona to see my Dad and Stepmom for a week. Of course it was insanely hot there! I think it was just about as hot as hell would be by my estimation 🙂 but we survived!

Z absolutely loves his grandparents and was so excited to go visit them! They always want to play with him and they love games so he was on cloud 9 the whole trip! The day we got there was for resting and then we jumped right into the schedule that B made for the week. We went to play putt putt golf, traveled to see my step sister and step brother and they adorable kids. We even got to spend the night with R. Z sure had fun playing with her kids! J is the same age as Z so they were pretty much inseparable while we were there. While at R’s house, we hit the water park, went to the children’s museum, went to an ice cream shop, went to a swap meet, attended C’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, had a fish fry and swam in her pool. When we went back to my dad’s house we brought J with us to spend a couple nights. The boys stayed up late and watch movies (sorry R, but they had a great time). One day was guys day and girls day. The guys went to play golf, visit Cabella’s, shopping, and hit the comic book shop. At home they flew helicopters that grandpa bought for them. Meanwhile, B and I hit the casino! I love that place! I did really good then gave it all back to the machines plus $20. Oh well. Then I was surprised with another trip to the casino with my dad. Had a blast and did really well again but gave that all back too plus $15. I will never learn!

In the end our trip to Arizona was amazing! We had a great time! Thank you E and B so very much for the opportunity for Z and I to come visit you! I love you very much!

Headed to Arizona

Playing the T-shirt game

Headed to R's house to spend the night

R and I wil my dad

Z with his cousins at the Children's Museum

Guy's day

Making brownies to take to the fish fry

Elvis is watching B cook fish

The gang is all here

Some proud grandparents in this picture! All 6 grandchildren are together and that rarely happens!

Me and my step brother and step sister.

The boys with the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday C!

Z and I with D and his beautiful family!

Great picture of E and B!

My dad and I

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Great pictures, it was a lot of fun. I am glad you guys were able to come out. Jacob is still talking about Zachary 🙂

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