A and M birthday carnival

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Birthdays, Friends

July 26, 2011 my friend S put on the most spectacular birthday carnival for her two daughters. After weeks of preparing it was finally time! She had enlisted the help of some of the parents because she had 13 booths for the kids to go to play games. Each child got tickets and a card to travel to different booths. Huge cool carnival type prizes were given at each game. In fact, the bags she gave the kids to hold their prizes weren’t big enough. There was a fortune teller booth, face painting booth, a Christmas in July booth, 2 different kinds of fishing booths, ring toss booth, bean bag toss booth, knock the cans booth, penny pitching booth, bowling, cup pong booth, blast the balls booth, balloon pop booth, candy shoppe, a ticket booth, a time out station, and a cut out picture station where you stick your head through the holes in back to get a silly picture. They kids had an absolute blast and played until dark. At that time is was time for hamburgers and hot dogs and a movie shown on the fence. What a perfect party S and J! How in the world will you top that one next year?

S and I

J made balloon creations for each kid

Z and birthday girl M

Z with birthday girl A and friend B before she moved

A opening her gift

M opening her gift

Hot dog time!




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