Indy trip to see my family!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Relatives, Summer Time, Vacation

Thank you Grandma A for the opportunity to get back home this summer! It was a great trip but I wish you were feeling better so we could have seen you more! Love you!

July 12-July 19, 2011 Z and I took a trip to Indy to see my family. Of course we stayed with H the whole time we were there. We just love it there and feel so welcomed by her and her awesome kiddos! I also love how I get to see my aunt everyday after she gets off work, and how B comes over each day too! I have the best family! The flight was a bit annoying (we missed the flight due to long lines in security and had to pay to get on another plane) but once we got to Indy we already forgot about the hassle at the airport!

We hung out around the house, went swimming, visited family, met my cousins’ baby girl, went to Chuck E Cheese, went to the bounce house, went to the zoo and park, tons of ice cream, sewed coasters (H burnt her hand on the iron), went to hospital to visit my little cousin’s daughter who had an emergency appendectomy, went out to eat, played at the park, rode bikes, chased lightening bugs, made flip flops, played games, wrestled, ate tons of Ms. P’s fudge, and saw Grandma A. It was a fast and fun trip! Next year we will stay for 2 weeks for sure! We miss Indy already and can’t wait to go back! Come on 2012!

Cousins at the zoo

M wants a snake. No thanks!

Zachary and little Miss T!

Playing electronic monopoly

Gotta love the fudge!

Just hanging around at the park

Z is racing me on the bike and winning!

Visiting M at the hospital

This is Fez. He is huge!

Bounce house time

My aunt and cousin! They are mother and daughter

Getting a snack at the airport on our way home.


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