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First day of 2nd grade!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in School

August 22, 2011 is the first day of school! Z is now a 2nd grader! WOW! Where did the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday that he was a baby! My baby is growing up so fast! I am so proud of him and look forward to watching him grow this year!

I made him a handmade card to surprise him with in the morning. He just loved it! I am pretty proud of it too ūüôā He was so excited to go to school, well as excited as Z can get since he has always hated and dreaded going to school. He did great walking into class and telling us to hit the road. I even tried to get a picture of him by his locker and he actually told me “MOM! This isn’t Kindergarten!” In other words, STOP TAKING PICTURES! Of course I was crushed so I quickly asked him if I could get a picture of him and his friend Z. He agreed! WOW what a stinker…..and he is growing up so fast! I love my stinker!

So excited to get a card!

All ready to tackle the day!

OK Mom! Stop already!

Outside his classroom.

This is Z, his buddy!

Look at all the boys at this table! The teacher is in for trouble!


Making pie

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August 21, 2011  РZ wanted to make Strawberry Pie like his Grandma B made when we were in Arizona. So that was his treat for the day only he wanted to make Key Lime Pie first. I actually made the Strawberry Pie for him. But he made the Key Lime one all by himself. Here are a couple pictures. Happy last day of summer sweetheart!


August 20, 2011 РPapa R and E came to stay the weekend with us before Z officially started school. We had a great visit! T and I went shopping like we always do and the guys played Wii! I cooked the whole time they were here, which is a first for me. And of course there was more shooting rockets! We have become obsessed with shooting rockets! We had a great visit with Papa R and E. Come back soon!

Papa R

Shadow on deer patrol


Hubby is always making more rockets. You can never have too many!

This is the rocket blaster!


Open House at School

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Cub Scouts, School

August 18, 2011 was Open House at the school when we get to find out what teacher we got and tour the room. During Open House, there are many tables set up in the cafeteria for people to find out more information. Of course I was set up to try to get volunteers for the school year, PTA was there recruiting members, etc. Well hubby had an idea to have a cub scout table set up as well. So with our principal’s permission we set up a table during Open House. Hubby made a great presentation on his laptop of pictures of all the boys doing different things last year as scouts. Z helped his Dad recruit and so did our good friend J and her son R. I must say, the guys sure did look handsome in their uniforms!

We got the teacher that we wanted for Z this year! Mrs. M is just AWESOME! Her class is in tip-top shape and is quite organized (I love it so much)! And there are quite a few kids that Z already knows in his class; two being fellow scouts. It is going to be a great year!

R helped recruit kids and is also in Z's class this year.

Z and his wonderful teacher!

E is also in Z's class this year!

August 17, 2011 was another cub scout den meeting at our house. We wanted this meeting to be a fun one since it was right before the kids went back to school. So hubby went to Home Depot and bought all the supplies needed to make a rocket launcher. The boys came for the meeting and they did the usual meeting stuff then it was time to build paper rockets. Although it was a bit challenging for some of the boys, and with the help of their parents everyone did a great job. They couldn’t wait to launch their rockets. We set up in the driveway and I was able to get a quick picture of the boys while they were eating their snack before launch time but never got a picture of the boys with their rockets. They were just too excited to get shooting.

Each boy put their rocket on the launch rod and did a count down 5 -4 -3 -2 -1 РBLAST OFF! Each rocket shot so high in the sky it was awesome to watch! Some of the rockets went really far down the street! The furthest one went 5 houses down the street. They had so much fun seeing whose rocket went the furthest! Great idea!





August 1 – August 8, 2011 Z and I went to Arizona to see my Dad and Stepmom¬†for a week. Of course it was insanely hot there! I think it was just about as hot as hell would be by my estimation ūüôā but we survived!

Z absolutely loves his grandparents and was so excited to go visit them! They always want to play with him and they love games so he was on cloud 9 the whole trip! The day we got there was for resting and then we jumped right into the schedule that B made for the week. We went to play putt putt¬†golf, traveled to see my step sister and step brother and they adorable kids. We even got to spend the night with R. Z sure had fun playing with her kids! J is the same age as Z so they were pretty much inseparable¬†while we were there. While at R’s house, we hit the water park, went to the children’s¬†museum, went to an ice cream shop, went to a swap meet, attended C’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, had a fish fry and swam in her pool. When we went back to my dad’s house we brought J with us to spend a couple nights. The boys stayed up late and watch movies (sorry R, but they had a great time). One day was guys day and girls day. The guys went to play golf, visit Cabella’s, shopping, and hit the comic book shop. At home they flew helicopters that grandpa bought for them. Meanwhile, B and I hit the casino! I love that place! I did really good then gave it all back to the machines plus $20. Oh well. Then I was surprised with another trip to the casino with my dad. Had a blast and did really well again but gave that all back too plus $15. I will never learn!

In the end our trip to Arizona was amazing! We had a great time! Thank you E and B so very much for the opportunity for Z and I to come visit you! I love you very much!

Headed to Arizona

Playing the T-shirt game

Headed to R's house to spend the night

R and I wil my dad

Z with his cousins at the Children's Museum

Guy's day

Making brownies to take to the fish fry

Elvis is watching B cook fish

The gang is all here

Some proud grandparents in this picture! All 6 grandchildren are together and that rarely happens!

Me and my step brother and step sister.

The boys with the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday C!

Z and I with D and his beautiful family!

Great picture of E and B!

My dad and I

Z and his daddy have been building rockets. They really had a great time together working on this project. They went to shoot off rockets a few days before taking me along with them. During that launch they lost one rocket but recovered it a day later.¬† Apparently¬†they shoot really high and far! Well I went with them on July 28, 2011 and they weren’t kidding! They shot so high in the air you lost track of them. When the parachute opened you could see it but only as it drifted so far away you couldn’t get to it fast enough. End result losing both rockets. After scouring the neighborhood we found lying in the street about 2 blocks away but the other one was found in the middle of the median between two streets a half mile away. HOLY COW that thing traveled far! So they both have been found and we just need more engines to try shooting them again. Good times!

Father and son rocket launching day

I got to attend this rocket launching event. Here is the big rocket.

Preparing the smaller rocket for takeoff

July 26, 2011 my friend S put on the most spectacular birthday carnival for her two daughters. After weeks of preparing it was finally time! She had enlisted the help of some of the parents because she had 13 booths for the kids to go to play games. Each child got tickets and a card to travel to different booths. Huge cool carnival type prizes were given at each game. In fact, the bags she gave the kids to hold their prizes weren’t big enough. There was a fortune teller¬†booth, face painting booth, a Christmas in July booth, 2 different kinds of fishing booths, ring toss booth, bean bag toss booth, knock the cans booth, penny pitching booth, bowling, cup pong booth, blast the balls booth, balloon pop booth, candy shoppe, a ticket booth, a time out station, and a cut out picture station where you stick your head through the holes in back to get a silly picture. They kids had an absolute blast and played until dark. At that time is was time for hamburgers and hot dogs and a movie shown on the fence. What a perfect party S and J! How in the world will you top that one next year?

S and I

J made balloon creations for each kid

Z and birthday girl M

Z with birthday girl A and friend B before she moved

A opening her gift

M opening her gift

Hot dog time!



July 22 and July 23, 2011 was the cubscout overnight camping trip to the Waco Zoo. Hubby and Z went together while I stayed home and helped a friend work on her kids’ birthday party arrangements.

When Z and his daddy got to the zoo, they had a behind the scenes tour to see the animals up close. They loved it! After the tour they had pizza for dinner and snacks later that night. They set up camp in one of the aquariums. What a cool opportunity for them! The next morning they ate breakfast and had the zoo to themselves before it opened up to the general public. They got to see the animals up close and frisky after sleeping all night long. What an awesome trip!

Thank you Grandma A for the opportunity to get back home this summer! It was a great trip but I wish you were feeling better so we could have seen you more! Love you!

July 12-July 19, 2011 Z and I took a trip to Indy to see my family. Of course we stayed with H the whole time we were there. We just love it there and feel so welcomed by her and her awesome kiddos! I also love how I get to see my aunt everyday after she gets off work, and how B comes over each day too! I have the best family! The flight was a bit annoying (we missed the flight due to long lines in security and had to pay to get on another plane) but once we got to Indy we already forgot about the hassle at the airport!

We hung out around the house, went swimming, visited family, met my cousins’ baby girl, went to¬†Chuck E Cheese, went to the bounce house, went to the zoo and park, tons of ice cream, sewed coasters (H burnt her hand on the iron), went to hospital to visit my little cousin’s daughter who had an emergency appendectomy, went out to eat, played at the park, rode bikes, chased lightening¬†bugs, made flip flops, played games, wrestled, ate tons of Ms. P’s fudge, and saw Grandma A. It was a fast and fun trip! Next year we will stay for 2 weeks for sure! We miss Indy already and can’t wait to go back! Come on 2012!

Cousins at the zoo

M wants a snake. No thanks!

Zachary and little Miss T!

Playing electronic monopoly

Gotta love the fudge!

Just hanging around at the park

Z is racing me on the bike and winning!

Visiting M at the hospital

This is Fez. He is huge!

Bounce house time

My aunt and cousin! They are mother and daughter

Getting a snack at the airport on our way home.