School Play

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Friends, School

Z’s first grade teacher has the kids in her class put on 3 plays for the kids in their buddy class and for the parents. She is the only 1st grade teacher that does this so it was such a neat treat for the kids. I am not sure if they were given their parts or if they tried out for them but Z was named Captain Bumble in the Captian Bumble play. His part was cute and he did a great job. Basically this bad pirate wants to come on the ship of Captain Bumble’s fight the captain and take his stuff. But Captain Bumble didn’t want anything to do with fighting the pirate until he had his dinner. “Blood and Thunder” the Captain kept saying. It was really cute! Here is a link to U-Tube to check it out:  There were 2 other plays, The Birthday Cake and The Dragon. The kids did such a great job!

The cast of Captain Bumble

Captain Bumble eating his dinner.

The cook getting him more food.

The First Mate telling the Captain the pirate was coming

Still eating dinner

Cookie still giving him food

Talking with the mean pirate

Great job kids!


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