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We took a super quick trip to San Antonio and had a great time. We got a super awesome deal we couldn’t pass up. One of those “come stay here for crazy cheap but the catch is you have to listen to our timeshare presentation” things. We thought what the heck, let’s do it! So we left on Sunday (6-19-11) and came home Tuesday (6-21-11). We stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch and never left the property. We had a nice family get away with no pressure or stess about getting anywhere by a certain time. We played at the pool, played bingo and won by the way, ate by the pool, played some more in the pool, played in the sand, and played some more in the pool. Get the picture? It was a pool getaway. Thank you Hyatt! Sorry that we wont be purchasing any timeshares from you. Maybe next time….





























Saturday, June 18, 2011 was Zachary’s first basketball game. He did such a great job! I really enjoy watching him play! Go Black Knights!




School is out! Summer vacation is here! Bring on the fun! Well, fun is exactly what Z got to do with whole week of June 13, 2011. Cubscout day camp was at a local park the whole week. The theme was “How to Train a Knight” and it was a fun time for all the boys! All the boys in Z’s den attended and their wonderful den leader, my husband, got all the boys together during the week-long camp. Each group of boys at camp was divided into ‘dens’ much like our own dens. Since all 6 of our boys were together, we only had 2 extra boys in our group that the boys soon became friends with. Between all the parents in our personal den, our boys were able to have leaders they knew. My hubby volunteered with our boys for 3 days and I worked one day. The weather was super hot outside – breaking the 100 mark each day. So the boys had tons of water and Gatorade to drink! They even visited the splash pad at the park each day. Despite the heat, it was an awesome opportunity for the boys and the volunteers. I will for sure do more next year! Thoughout the entire week, they earned more beltloops than I can even keep track of. They got to do bb guns, archery, rockets shooting, sports, games, boats, cookout, workworking, etc. I can’t wait for the next pack meeting and they get all their awards.



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Sounds weird huh? Well, it is this man that has a super cute show and he performs with dogs and does a bunch of different juggling skits. How on earth did we run across this? Well, I joined this playgroup and they host tons of hugs events. This was one that they had set up in a local park for a bunch of people! It was so cute and we were able to see a lot of friends there. We even got to ride the little train at the park and had a great picnic with friends. Great day!








Basketball practice

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Now that soccer is over, Z decided to play basketball. He had been playing basketball during recess at school with some friends and decided to try it out. So me and a friend signed up our boys and got them on the same team. Z is glad to be playing with his classmate, A. Here are a few picutres from his first practice on June 7, 2011. Z is really good at making baskets!




Saturday, June 4, 2011 was Z’s soccer party and award ceremony. The team went to Main Event for the party. We all had a nice lunch and they boys all played laser tag. Z’s new favorite thing by the way! I was able to sit and have some great conversations with the soccer moms. Haha. I was a ‘soccer mom’ for real! Each boy got their trophy and had some yummy cake – even though the name on the cake was wrong. The team was called the Blue Dragon Ninja’s. R’s mom even got the boys goodie bags. It was a fun time!




Promotion to Wolf Cub!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011 was another pack meeting for the boys in our den. They each got their beltloop for photography. They were supposed to receive their video games beltloop but that will come next month. The boys in our den also got promted to Wolves from Tigers. Each boy got to go on the stage with their adult partner for the ceremony. They were really good during the ceremony but lost their minds when it was group picture time. Even the adults were being silly!

Beltloop ceremony


Getting the Wolf Cub gear on!


Now the hat!


Very handsome Wolf Cub and his daddy!


They have gone crazy!



Now they are serious.


Silly Scouts

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 was another cubscout den meeting at our house. B had the boys work on their photography beltloop. They learned all about camera and each kid took pictures for a few minutes. Then B played a slideshow on the TV of all the pictures the boys took. This was such a fun den meeting! These boys are the best group of boys EVER! And their parents are pretty awesome too 🙂 Enjoy some of the pictures!







Student Led Conferences

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I can’t believe 1st grade is almost over. This year went really fast! WOW!

Z’s teacher had the kids do a student led conference for the parents so we could see some of their work this year. Each kid even put on a Powerpoint presentation for their parents. Z absolutely loves computers and couldn’t wait to show us his Powerpoint. Keep in mind he plays on the computer at home and creates his own Powerpoints at home too. Oops, sorry, I got sidetracked. Anyway, the presentations were awesome! And Mrs. S even served everyone cookies and homemade treats. She is the best teacher! We will miss her class next year!

Mrs. S gave me these beautiful flowers.

Ok, so these aren’t the professional soccer pictures. We took this picture after the game on May 21. We missed picture day because we were camping. So here is most of the team 🙂