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May 13, 2011 was Z’s Field Day at school. The weather was PERFECT outside! The kids had such a great time! There was so many things for the kids to do and the end result was that the kids ended up all wet! I think the highlight of the day for Z was hitting his teacher with the water balloon sling shot. He hit her dead center! She was such a good sport about it too! Perfect day!


Muffins with Mom at School

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May 9, 2011 was Muffins with Mom at Z’s school. We had a nice breakfast together!

We went camping for Mother’s Day weekend 2011 with our dear friends the G family! We went up after school on Friday and came home in the late afternoon on Sunday. The park was so clean and nice! The scenery was really pretty too. We always have a good time with the G family and this was no different. We spent the day Saturday exploring, fishing, and letting the kids play in the water while S and I watched B try to catch some fish. There was a family next to our camp site that had kids the same age as our kids – two girls and a boy. Needless to say we didn’t see the kids at camp much. They were running around playing games and looking at the llama. Yes, I said llama. 🙂 We had wonderful food and wonderful company! And it was a perfect Mother’s Day! The guys made us a huge breakfast and B and Z got me a gift certificate to the spa and a HUGE bag of sour patch kids. YUM! Z kept saying he had a blast! He loved this camping trip! (I think swimming makes it top-notch in his book!) We can’t wait until our next camping adventure!

May 5, 2011 was the 1st grade field trip to Sweet Berry Farms. The kids rode the bus out there and I drove myself there. The bus ride there was very long as the bus got lost. Once the kids got there, they had their lunch and then got to do so many fun things. Each teacher group had a farmer tour guide. They took the kids around the farm and it was perfect! Not too many kids doing each thing and it was all spread out. We felt like the only ones there. The kids got to shoot rotted strawberries at a flag with an air gun, plant a lima bean, play a relay game, pick strawberries, release ladybugs, take pictures, and pet and feed the goats. The weather was PERFECT too! What a super cool field trip! Everyone had a blast!

Z and his art teacher


Z and his teacher


Z's whole class


May 4, 2011, Z had another cub scout den meeting at the house. The boys worked on the stuff to earn their video game belt loop. After the boys learned about the video game ratings and the boring stuff 🙂 they had to play a game they hadn’t played before. Enter the Michael Jackson Experience! It is a dancing game. The boys had a BLAST! The house was rocking out to Michael and many laughs from the parents! Good job boys!

Quest Presentation

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May 3, 2011, Z did his presentation in Quest class. His project was on the Spotted Hyena. He did such a good job on gathering his facts and putting it all together on the board. He even did an amazing job presenting to his class and their parents. His presentation will be on display at the Quest Fair at school.

Reading to the parents facts about deserts.


Z doing his presentation


Great job!


April 30, 2011 Z had another soccer game. He just loves soccer and is doing really well! I just love the faces he makes when he kicks the ball!

Pretty sure his feet are supposed to stay on the ground. Oh well....