Texas Day at School and Friends Arrive

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Friends, Friends in town, School

March 2, 2011 was the day the kids celebrated Texas’ birthday. The first grade had a performance for the parents and had made chili in class for a big cookoff. This was also the day T, S and C came to visit us from Oregon.

After I picked up the gang from the airport, we came to the house to relax and eat some lunch. Then we went to Z’s school to watch the performance. They sang “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, and “There is a State that We all Love and Texas is it’s Name-o.” Z was THRILLED that they would be coming to his school to watch his performance and for C to meet his classmates. Z’s teacher even sent a Texan vest home for us to decorate for C so he could participate in the chili cookoff. It was a cute performance and the chili was fantastic! But most of all, it was wonderful getting to share this day with my best friend and her new boyfriend and middle son. We took Z home after the performance and he stayed home from school during their visit.

How handsome is this kid!

Ready for the singing to begin.

C hanging with Z and eating some chili and cornbread.

Nobody turns down a cupcake!

Silly boys. Ok, so it was a little loud in the cafeteria.

Mrs. S is the best!

Me and my bestest friend!


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