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J and J came for a quick visit last weekend (3-13 and 3-14 2011). I always love our time together! We don’t live far from one another yet we let too much time pass between visits. Must work to change that! We just spent the time around the house letting the kids play and we all chatted. We couldn’t pass up another opportunity to go to Rosa’s Cafe for dinner – LOVE THAT PLACE! We even had a little time to throw in some shopping at the mall. 

The kids having a blast with my IPhone.

I just love the smiles!

J and I

J and her beautiful family!


March 5, 2011- This was T’s last day to spend with us. And was it jammed packed! The guys got up early and went to Home Depot to build the race car craft. S and C had never done that before and they really had a great time! The boys were so proud of their cars! When they got home, the boys helped me make a big pancake breakfast. They did such a great job and they were delicious!

Then the guys all went upstairs to build more lego creations. They played for hours and then went on an adventure in the woods again. This time they didn’t take the dogs. They were hoping to see more creatures. They sure did! They saw doodle bugs, centipedes, ants, and a huge scorpion. Z even ran into a classmate in the woods.

While the guys were having fun, T and I went to have a girls lunch away with some of my dearest friends here! T, S and K met us at Cheddars for a great lunch and some fun conversations. I am so glad they all got to meet T and vice versa. It means a lot to me that everyone was so kind to one another and willing to get together. Thanks everyone! Oh and I must not forget to thank S for the best brownies on the planet! They are always so good and was a nice surprise for T!

Later in the evening, we took some pretty pictures and we played the Wii – The Micheal Jackson Experience and then ordered pizza for dinner. None of us could go to bed since it was their last day here. So we all stayed up well past midnight. It was so sad to see them leave that next morning! I hope they come back soon!

Reading over the directions.

S and C having a great time!

Hammer away!

Great picture!

Look at that proud kid!

They did a great job!

Adventure time again.

C found a souvineer.

Hey, what is that......

Texas bug! The scorpion!

The boys played legos A LOT! Here are all their creations.

Notice some of the creations open up.

T and I took this picture to update the ones we have in frames.

Bestest buddies!

Showing off.

More showing off.

Shadow is always near S! I am going to have to check S's suitcase to make sure he doesn't try to take Shadow home with him!

March 4, 2011 – Happy Birthday to T! I am so glad she came to Texas to celebrate her birthday with us! The boys got up and made T beautiful birthday cards and decorated her door with streamers. We even gave her a breakfast surprise and sang happy birthday to her.

T and I went to get pedicures and did some shopping while the boys took the dogs in the woods for an adventure. T and I were on cloud 9 while the boys were having a blast. They took the dogs with them so I am sure it was a very eventful outing. They ran into lots of other dogs along the way and got to see some pretty sights. They had a great time and C want to go again!

We got tickets to the Texas Stars hockey game for T’s birthday. So before the game we went to Rosa’s Cafe for some yummy fajitas! Boy they are so good there! Then off to the game against San Antonio. WOW it was a doozie! We scored in the first 17 seconds of the game and kept going strong! We had 3 points within the first period. The tension was thick and there were tons of fights! I can’t even begin to count them all. It was an intense game! With the score tied at the end the Stars won in overtime! Go Stars! Now C wants to play hockey! Great night!

Birthday breakfast surprise!

Are they walking the dogs or is it the other way around?

Deer bones.

C looks so excited!

M and B at Rosa's Cafe.

M and T at Rosa's Cafe.

Cheers from Rosa's Cafe!

Z and C excited for the game!

Z brought his pennant for good luck.

Silly B!

Great family picture!

One of the MANY fights.

Another fight!


Ahh....we got T's name on the birthday board during the last intermission.


Z and C showing off their new shirts.

Stars WIN! 6 to 5!

March 3, 2011 – We all took the boys to a bounce house so they could have some fun while T, S, B and I could talk and catch up some. The boys played so hard they were a sweaty mess! That always means that some serious fun was had. T and I went to do a little shopping while the guys went to let the dogs out to potty. Then we all met up at Chuy’s since that was T’s biggest request to do while she was in town. While we were there, we had them since Happy Birthday to her since her birthday was the next day. We left the place FULL FULL FULL!

Later in the evening, Z had an awards ceremony with his cub scouts pack. So we all went to see Z get his computer belt loop. Z’s den even went up during the pack meeting for a surprise skit they had rehearsed. It was so funny! It was a crazy pack meeting and Z was really excited that T, S and C came to watch.

What fun!

Best buddies having a blast!

Getting sweaty!

Jumping maniacs!

There is no resting in bouncing.

The surprise skit.

The end of the skit.

Me and Roo during the pack meeting.

Belt loop award time.

Computer belt loop.

Time for some TV time. Shadow loves S!

March 2, 2011 was the day the kids celebrated Texas’ birthday. The first grade had a performance for the parents and had made chili in class for a big cookoff. This was also the day T, S and C came to visit us from Oregon.

After I picked up the gang from the airport, we came to the house to relax and eat some lunch. Then we went to Z’s school to watch the performance. They sang “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, and “There is a State that We all Love and Texas is it’s Name-o.” Z was THRILLED that they would be coming to his school to watch his performance and for C to meet his classmates. Z’s teacher even sent a Texan vest home for us to decorate for C so he could participate in the chili cookoff. It was a cute performance and the chili was fantastic! But most of all, it was wonderful getting to share this day with my best friend and her new boyfriend and middle son. We took Z home after the performance and he stayed home from school during their visit.

How handsome is this kid!

Ready for the singing to begin.

C hanging with Z and eating some chili and cornbread.

Nobody turns down a cupcake!

Silly boys. Ok, so it was a little loud in the cafeteria.

Mrs. S is the best!

Me and my bestest friend!