Z’s Big Lego Birthday Party

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Around the House, Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Birthdays, Friends, General Information, Weekend Activities

Z wanted to have a Lego party for his 7th birthday so that is what he got. Z invited 17 friends and they all came. It was an amazing party!

Hubby made the invitations like he does every year. They turned out really awesome! I spent quite some time making placemats for each kid. After making them, I covered them with contact paper. Hubby made 18 unique awards to hand out to each kid. I also got a bunch of Lego bingo cards laminated. I made some Lego block decorations and we got primary colored tableclothes to cover book shelves in the party area. My friend made the most awesome Lego cake ever! It was so cool how she did the lego man on the top. Z was so surprised because she designed the whole thing without tellig us. I personalized each kid’s goodie bag with a cute name tag. Hubby and I blew up 75 balloons to fill the party room.

After getting everything ready for the party, the first kids started showing up. We had a “guess how many Legos” jar set up and the Lego DVD “Clutch Powers” playing downstairs while we all waited for the other guests to arrive. After everyone was there, about 10 minutes, we all went upstairs to the party room. We had moved the furniture around to make room for the kids. The floor was filled with balloons and that was an activity in itself. They LOVED throwing them around. Made for some fun times!

Our first party game was pass the Lego that I made out of a newspaper filled cracker box and contact paper. They passed the Lego around while the music played and when it stopped whoever was holding the Lego was out. Each kid got a silly band when they were out of the game. The winner got to select a wrapped gift from the bucket.

Next game was Lego bingo. I passed out the placemats I made for each kid so they would be able to mark their place in the circle and keep their Legos on as well as their bingo card. Each kid counted out 24 tiny Lego pieces to play bingo with. I sat in the middle of the circle and called out the bingo cards. They loved this game. We played two rounds with the winner getting a wrapped gift from the bucket then we finished the last round by playing bingo blackout. That winner also got a prize.

Next we stayed in our circle and I started a game that they had no idea what I was talking about. It was so funny. It went like this: My name is Melissa and I am going to a Lego party and I am going to bring a monkey. The object was for the kids to pick an item to bring to the party that started with the first letter in their name but I did not give them any directions for this game. They had to figure it out on their own.  As each kid said the sentence and what they were going to bring I would repeat what they said and tell them if they could come to the party or not. Example: Madison said she was going to bring a banana so I said Madison you can not bring a banana to my party – you can’t come to my party. Then the next kid went. This repeated until someone was correct –  Zachary said he was going to bring a zebra. I said Zachary you are going to bring a zebra to the party, you can come to the party! It took about 3 times around the circle until they all were invited to the party. They LOVED this game and everyone laughed and had a blast. Even the parents enjoyed hearing all the items the kids picked! Great game.

Next we kept the kids in a circle with their placemats and poured tons of Legos in the middle. I had bought 10 pounds of Legos (by the pound on eBay) for the party.  They had about 20 minutes to make a creation of their choice. When they were done, they had to leave the creation on their placemat. While they were going to eat cake we were going to award the creations with the lanyard awards we made. They kids loved building the stuff. We even took pictures of each kid’s creation. Not everyone was done so after cake they went to finish so we couldn’t secretly hand out the awards so instead we did it in front of everyone and they thought it was hysterical at who was awarded what. Some of the awards were your basic, tallest, smallest, most colorful, most moving parts, etc. But with having to come up with 18 different awards we got silly. This way each kid’s award was unique. They love them!

I announced all the guesses for the “how many Legos were in the jar” thing. I called out each kids name and guess. This was much more fun than I expected. I would call out a name/amount and I asked the kids if they thought that was the winner, they would yell out “DENIED”. It was so much fun. In the end the kids closest and furthest won a wrapped gift from the bucket.

I asked the kids if they wanted cake and they shot out of the party room like crazy. Next thing I knew they were all sitting at tables downstairs yelling out “we want cake” over and over. I loved it! I had bought 30 different kinds of noise makers and handed them out to each kid before we did cake. It was so incredibly noisy in the house that all the parents thought I lost my mind. I loved every minute of it because they were having so much fun driving their parents nuts. Heehee….I am evil like that. The kids sang and had cake and ice cream (cookies and cream or chocolate chip cookie dough per the birthday boy’s request).

After cake and the awards, we opened gifts and each kid got a goody bag with their name on it. Each bag had a  Lego race car key chains that hubby handmade,  a mini Lego kit (car or airplane) , bubbles, a ball, fruit snacks, Lego catalog from the Lego store, and a Lego events calendar from the Lego store in it. They kids left with huge smiles on their faces and my kid said it was the best party ever. I was on cloud 9!

We ended the day at The Olive Garden. Perfect party day! 

Front of the invitation


Back of the invitation

Inside left of the invitation - this is one of Z's creations

Inside right of the invitation. We put each invited kid's name on their inviations.

Personalized placemat I made for each kid

Lego block for pass the Lego game

Lego bingo

Z's Lego creation award lanyard

A boy and one of his dogs on his party day

Table to hold gifts

The downstairs was not decorated but was the 'holding' place for the kids until everyone arrived.

Party room upstairs

I made this sign out of plates and letters I made using my Cricut machine

Tableclothes covered the bookshelves to hide toys and made for fun decorations

Signs on the front door

Z with his cake that my dear friend made

Organized chaos

They loved the balloons and I will do this at every party going forward

Pass the Lego game down to the final two kids

Lego bingo

I'm going to a Lego party game.....

Legos Legos everywhere.... Lego creation game

Z is working on his creation

This creation won the Just Plain Crazy award 🙂

Singing Happy Birthday

He got the first piece of cake. We had an incident one year when he didn't and so it is a big deal for him to get the first piece!

Opening gifts

Goody bags for all


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