YEAH!!! Z turned 7 on February 25, 2011. I can’t believe that he is already 7. The time has gone by so fast. Seems like just yesterday him and I were both crying when he was a baby 🙂 But look at him now!

Z woke up on his birthday to a room filled with balloons (24 of them). He was so excited to see them so we just had to play with them before school. We had a blast! (Thanks T for the wonderful idea!) Then after he got dressed and ready for school, he got to open his card from us. We gave him some poprocks and a button to wear that blinked and said “birthday boy”, which he wore all day. Then I gave him 7 chocolate covered Hostess donuts with a candle in one of them and we sang Happy Birthday to him. Hubby volunteered at the school all day and even posted birthday greetings to Z on the school marquee – just for the picture then he changed the announcements to the real message on the marquee. I picked upWendy’s for lunch and met the guys for lunch at school. Later in the day I brought Shipley’s donuts to the class for Z’s class party. I also handed out party bubbles to all the kids. Then after school and to top off the day, Z’s grandparents surprised him with a surprise visit. After opening presents we all went to Gattiland for dinner and played games. What a perfect day for a 7 year old!

This was on the school sign for a second - just in time for a quick picture for my scrapbook. Thanks daddy!

What an awesome lunch for a growing boy. That is 8 nuggets and fries.

Friends being silly at lunch.

Kids singing happy birthday to Z. He got to chose two friends to stand with him in front of the class.

Cream filled donuts are the best!

Z and his grandparents!

Opening our gifts.

Me and my boy!

The manager at Gattiland gave Z a glow in the dark birthday button too.

Racing cars and kicking butt!

I love the motorcycle races.

Bumper cars are so much fun!

Silly glasses prize.

  1. crystal says:

    Looks like he had a wonderful day! I remember when he turned 5. Can’t believe he is 7 now!! What a cutie pie. 🙂

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