Tiger Cub Badge!

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

Yesterday, February 12, 2011, was a great day in cub scouts for Z! He was awarded his Tiger Cub Badge in front of his whole scout Pac! They did the ceremony during the Blue and Gold celebration party at Austin Park and Pizza. They were celebrating the scouts 100th year. Anyway, back to the badge. They put the boys badges in a balloon and they had to pop their balloon to receive their badge. The Scout Master also did a fun ceremony by painting the boy’s faces. It was very cool and Z wore his face paint all day long. He was/is very proud to finally be a Tiger Cub! Now onto the next level…..

After the party at Austin Park and Pizza, Z and I went to E’s birthday party. Z had a blast! What a great day for a 6 year old!

The 5 boys in our den got their badge.

The badge is in the balloon.

Getting painted with red

now blue

now yellow

finally orange

Pop that balloon!

Yeah! Finally my badge!

Family pic.

Z getting another belt loop.

Very proud little boy!

Cake for the celebration.

J, E and Z

Z and hubby playing a shoot 'em up game.

Going on a ride.

Prizes Z got from the tickets.


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