Ceramic party

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Friends

During the school carnival in October I had won a tile party for 4 kids at a local ceramic shop during the school’s silent auction (well I paid for it). Monday, January 17, 2011 the kids were out of school so we decided that would be the day for our party. Z invited B and R, O and J, and J but unfortunately last minute J couldn’t come. The kids had fun painting. Z used some new techniques he learned in art class. Turns out that new technique didn’t work well with ceramic stuff so I had to clean off the tile and start over. Everyone’s tile turned out fabulous! Even the moms got to help out!

After painting at the ceramic store, we took the kids to Gattiland. That place was packed! I have never seen it so busy! They actually had to stop letting people in because they were maxed out. The whole lobby was jam packed with people trying to get in and they only let people in as people left. Glad we got there before the shut down. We had a nice time despite the crowds. Great day with friends~!

Just starting to paint.


O thinking about his theme.

B and R hard at work with mom's help.

K showing J how it is done.

Z and his new technique.

Now blowing on the straw to move the paint puddles.

This is Z's tile in the end after I wiped it clean and we started over. It was a team effort.

Me and little Miss. L!

These two kids ADORE one another!


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