Austin Shrine Circus

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

We attended the Austin Shrine Circus benefiting the Ben Hur Shriners on Sunday, January 17, 2011. If you are not familiar with the Ben Hur Shriners, they raise money so that any child who can not afford hospital treatment will be able to be treated. They do many other things, but this is such a great cause in my opinion because our future is our children. So with that said, the circus was absolutely AMAZING! We had been to another circus a year or so ago and we loved that circus. But let me tell you, the Austin Shrine Circus was outstanding and blew the other circus out of the water. We had amazing seats and went with a few cub scouts. In fact, we got a price cut on the tickets because of cub scouts. The boys even got a badge for their uniform. Back to the seats, we were the third row from the floor. We saw everything perfectly because not only were we the third row, we were dead center in the arena. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

During intermission, we got to ride on an elephant. That was an amazing ride. I had never done anything like that before. Those are some huge beasts! Makes me appreciate the people who ride them in the circus and do tricks on their backs. You are pretty high off the ground on an elephant. We also got to get autographs from all the clowns. Zachary and J had such a blast running around looking for clowns.

The show was remarkable! There was one silly clown who was just hilarious! He came and picked a man near us from the audience to so onto the stage with him. When the clown and the audience member passed by my husband, he started laughing and pointing at the guy the clown selected. BIG MISTAKE! The clown pulled hubby onto the stage as well. We laughed and yelled and laughed some more. It was so funny to see Z’s daddy on the stage with a clown – he hates clowns. Anyway, the clown made the men dance and do a trick. I took one picture of it but the rest is on video. Z was so excited to have his daddy in the show and hubby was a good sport about it.

I absolutely love the big cats! I wish I could be in there with them!


The elephants were amazing!

Loving the show!

Me and my boy!

See how close we are to the stage?

This guy did some amazing stunts!

Riding an elephant.

Z and J getting autographs from the clowns.

This clown's name was Spaz.

Looking back through the program at all the autographs.

this guy was great at juggling.

Yep! Cotton candy!

Great seats! More elephants.

This is the clown that snatched B to join the show.

B is next to the clown in the dark blue shirt. The clown made them all dance. It was so funny!

This guy was AWESOME!

Human cannonball!

Show is over.

Family at the circus.

Snake lady.


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