Our first hockey game

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, General Information, Weekend Activities

Saturday, January 8, 2011, was our first time to go to a hockey game. I had been before when I was probably Z’s age but don’t really remember much except they get to slam up against the glass and fights occur. Well, things were just the same as when I was 6. They slammed up against the glass and we even got to see a full on fight. The energy was awesome in the sports center even though the Texas Stars lost. We had such a great time! We have tickets to go back this month. We can’t wait! While we were there we saw our friends’, the C family, there and they were only a few sections down from us.

We had really good seats. We were right behind one of the goals

Where is the C family? Can you spot them?

Our pucks for the "chuck a puck" fundraiser

"Chuck a puck time" - you had to get your puck in the bed of the truck. We got one in there.

Time to scream!

Full blown fight! They took off their helmets and everything.

This game is two thumbs up!

Another fight. They broke out all the time.

Ok, we are a bit silly.

Having fun!

Gotta love the Stars dancers!

I'm ready to be goaly!


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