Time to make the Christmas card

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Holidays, Puppies

December 4, 2010 was the time to finally sit down and try to take family pictures for our yearly Christmas card. Usually we take our picture for the card on Thanksgiving but this year we were a little behind. I figured since we  had already put up our tree and decorations it would be nice to take the pictures in front of the tree. So with two puppies it was not an easy task. After many different shots of trying to hurry and get the timer set on the camera and trying to get B in the picture with the puppies was sort of humorous. In the end we got a good picture to use. Then Z decided to include the cats. That was not easy or fun. They pretty much hate each other plus they don’t really like to be held against their will. After just a few shots and the cats running away growling, we stopped trying. Then of course Z asked about the gerbil and two hermit crabs. We had to draw the line somewhere. Sorry Nibbles, Pretty and Spike – maybe next year. Well in the end, I think we got some good pictures.

And here is the Christmas card this year.


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