School Chistmas party

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Christmas, Holidays, School

December 17, 2010 was Z’s class’s Christmas party. I was well enough to attend the party but not well enough to volunteer to help out during the party. It was a struggle for me to even be there but since I had missed so many activities so far this season, I was not about to miss this one!

The party was cute! The kids had made a North Pole Village in the middle of the class. It was a unit they studied on communities and each kid had to make a building that would be found in a community. Z made an arcade. I mean ever community needs a game center 🙂 The class was decorated with so many difference festive things also. Each kid made a house out of a grocery sack to collect all their goodies and work. The hallway was decorated like a huge fireplace and the kids had stockings hanging on the fireplace. During the month of December, each kid wrote compliment presents to each kid in class and placed them in the stockings. It was such a great idea and teaches the kids to compliment friends. Z absolutely loved reading all the complements kids gave him. They also did a couple of crafts and made brownie jar mix for the parents and had yummy refreshments. There was Christmas music and it was just a great party! Z didn’t want to leave school early because they had a snowball fight planned in gym class using socks. He wasn’t about to miss that fun. I am so glad I attended the party.

What a great North Pole Village!

Z's is the little red building with the snow on the roof. That is the arcade.

Z working on his brownie jar gift

Posing with mom while we closed the jar

Z just being Z

Reading his compliment presents and loving them all

A few of the compliments presents. What a great treasure!

Fireplace in the hallway

Mrs. S made me a bunch of homemade goodies. She is the best!

View of the room during party mode


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