Posted: December 31, 2010 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Christmas, Holidays, Relatives

YIPPY!!!! It is Christmas FINALLY! Z couldn’t have been more thrilled! Santa came! He ate the cookies, drank the Egg Nog, fed the reindeer, and Mr. Shelf (our elf on the shelf) went back to the North Pole.

Z kept telling his dad that he wanted a Christmas miracle and for me to be healthy on Christmas. I don’t know how it happened other than a true Christmas miracle but I was in the best health that day! Not one cough or anything! Thanks you sweetheart for wishing me well! You are such a sweet boy!

We had a great Christmas morning! It was just the three of us. We got our coffee poured and Egg Nog for Z and sat down to some serious present opening! WOW there were tons of gifts! We always say we are going to slim it down, but somehow we seem to miss that. I think we did some this year, but when you look at it all – not so much! However, Z did notice that Santa slimmed down the presents some this year. But in his words, they were really “quality gifts”. 🙂

Z got some pretty cool things, the biggest thing this year was the Wii. He got a cool game and some money from his grandparents in Arizona and a camera from my grandma in Indiana. I got some beautiful earrings, a watch and a Roomba. But the most precious gift was the beautiful necklace Z bought me all on his own at school. (They had a holiday fair shopping company come in for the kids to buy gifts for their parents. Z picked out the perfect gift for me!) Hubby got some tools, sonicare, and a tabletop foozeball set. His precious gift from Z was a cool alligator and an awesome mug!

We had Papa R and E come visit us in the afternoon and we prepared our traditional spaghetti and meatballs for our Christmas dinner. Then we exchanged gifts with them.

Of course we ended the evening playing games! What a fun day with family! I am so blessed!

MOM!!! DAD!!! Santa came!!!

When you have puppies around you can't put gifts under the tree. And no, we didn't learn the hard way.

Checking out what Santa left in the stocking

Shadow playing with the ball Santa got him

My most treasured necklace!

Dad's alligator

Love this picture!

Gotta just love the excitment of seeing what Santa brought.

Yes, he was jumping up and down!

Cool dude!


More excitement

Thank you Grandma A

Echo already tearing up the tennis ball from Santa

Z picked this out for his daddy

I think every kid in America got a pillow pet

Now I wont have to sweep up dog hair all the time

Aint he sweet

Enough remote so we can all play Wiiiii

That is a lot of loot!

E opening her special gift Z picked out.

Z picked out a fishing mug for Papa R

E looks so pretty with her bow in her hair

Listen closely, you can even hear him scream he is so thirlled in this pic!

Playing the Hedbands game Santa brought Z

  1. ojmom says:

    Yep, Jack got the very same Pillow Pet! He loves it and it has already gotten great use!

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