Christmas Eve 2010

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Around the House, Christmas, Holidays, Weekend Activities

On Christmas Eve we always bake cookies for Santa. We also get the reindeer food ready to go and hubby makes his famous meatballs for our Christmas Dinner. As always, that is exactly what we did. But this year it was a little harder for me. I had been sick again! In fact I almost went to the Emergency Room again because I couldn’t get my breathing under control with all the coughing. It was really scary. So hubby had to run to the pharmacy and the grocery store for some last minute items. I had some wonderful friends drop by to deliver baked goodies and to check on me. I sure have some amazing friends!

So after spending most the day sleeping, I was able to rally to help with some of the cookies and participate in the evening activities at our house. Reindeer got fed, meatballs got made, cookies got made and decorated. We were ready for Santa!

Z had a great time making the cookies with his daddy!

Making the boy do all the work

This is fun!

Decorating Santa's cookies!

Z being Z

Reindeer food made and cookies ready. Just need to pour the Egg Nog

Z's creations just for Santa!

Lots of meatballs!


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