Tiger Day at Camp Tom Wooten

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Birthdays, Cub Scouts, Friends, Weekend Activities

November 6, 2010 was hubby’s birthday. How did we spend the day? At Camp Tom Wooten with a bunch of Tiger Cubs in the Cubscouts. We had to be at camp and checked in by 8am as that was when opening ceremonies were. The drive was a little over an hour away so we had to leave bright and early – Ok dark and early. When we got to camp it was FREEZING cold. 34 degrees to be exact. We met up with another Tiger in our den and his dad.

After opening ceremonies, our first activity was fishing. Yes, fishing in the freezing cold. The boys got to make their own fishing pole using bamboo sticks and fishing line. They baited the hook with rotten old hot dogs. We fished on a floating dock. Although the scenery was breathtaking, it was sure too cold to be fishing. Even the fish were freezing.

Our next activity was mining for gold and it was warming up just a tab. They had a neat mine built for the boys and they got to go though it wearing hard hats. Then they got to pan for gold. Z really enjoyed this activity because anytime water is involved he loves it!

After mining, we went on a tour of the camp grounds and got to see a bunch of campsites as well as some other neat things; huge teepees, and a chapel that was built ages ago and it was on the water. We even got to see some of the boy scouts (camp was across the lake for the boy scouts) canoeing on the lake. Very pretty views! Now it is really getting warmer.

Next stop was the playscape and a quick snack. They had some super huge daddy long legs and Z was amazed!

Now time for some super cool stuff. Archery! Z had never shot a bow and arrow and he sure loved doing it. They even let the parents give it a try after all the boys had their turn. I am so glad that Z got to do this because he got a super cool archery set for his 6th birthday from a friend and now we can use it. Thanks cubscouts for the proper training!

Lunch time and not soon enough! We had to peel off tons of layers because by now it is in the high 70’s and the sun is shining bright! After we ate lunch, Z ran around with some of the boys playing football before our next adventure.

Rocket time! The boys got to build rockets using PVC pipes for the guide. They had a huge air compressor contraption to shoot the rockets off with. After Z shot his the first time, it was time for some modifications! In the end, he and his buddy, J, won the rocket flying contest. Their rockets shot the farthest. You can’t even imagine the smile on this boy’s face when he saw how far his rocket shot. TOTALLY COOL!

Next was the long awaited BB gun time! We hiked to Fort Houston on the campgrounds to shoot BB guns. I couldn’t wait. After listening to the range rules, it was time to shoot. I think I was more excited than Z was. He is a little rule follower and I think he was nervous and there were a lot of safety rules to follow. Way to ruin the fun range master 🙂 Just kidding. I am all for safety! After the range master worked with Z on how to hit his little tiny target at the end of the range, he did great! He even shot a poor innocent little moth that way flying by. After they shot the guns, each kid got to take home their targets.

It was a full day but a fun one! Z earned 3 belt loops which is a big deal to the cubscouts. Plus he got 2 badges that I get to sew on a vest or something. Z couldn’t wait for show and tell at school so he could share his story with his classmates. He took his target, rocks he mined for, his patches and his rocket to show and tell. He even wore his Tiger Cub t-shirt to school.

We ended the evening at Chuy’s which is hubby’s favorite restaurant! Happy Birthday!

BURRRR it is cold!

I am too cold to smile!

Very peaceful! And COLD!

That is fog on the water.

Showing off the fishing pole and the waiting patiently for a fish.

Being silly for only a second. We must be patient and watch our line.


Looking for gold in the mine.

Panning for gold in the water.

The chapel on the water's edge.

On our tour.

Archery time!

Waiting in line for lunch.

Concentrating on making a rocket.

First design.

Showing off the marker where their rockets shot the furthest.

BB gun time.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Fort Houston.


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