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Sunday, November 28, 2010 – our Christmas decorations got put up! Hubby worked on the outside lights all day and Z and I worked on the inside. Hubby put up the tree last night so that really helped Z and I! Sometime around 2:30 the neighbor kids came to get Z to play and that is when we realized lunch passed right on by all of us. We were so busy with decorations we forgot to eat. So after a little snack we ate an early dinner – thank you Double Dave’s Pizza. We even had a picnic in the garage. In the end, the lights look better than ever and the inside looks pretty amazing if I don’t say so myself! Thank you to my two guys for all the help!

Z had fun helping me unwrap the ornaments.

Finding the perfect place.

Now we have daddy helping.

Hard to reach.

Love it!

Finished tree

Isn't it pretty with the lights on?


Entry table

Downstairs view

Z loves the tree I surprised him with. He helped decorate it though.

Always being silly.

I love this picture!

Lights look AWESOME!


Thanksgiving 2010

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November 25, 2010 was Thanksgiving this year. We had a quiet dinner at our house. My father in law and his wife came to visit us on Wednesday and left on Friday afternoon. We had a lovely visit! T and I made a super awesome dinner and there was no stress whatsoever on Thanksgiving. It was the most relaxing holiday I think I have ever had. And the food was out of this world if I do say so myself! I made crock pot stuffing – AWESOME, homemade sweet potato casserole, homemade brocoli and cheese casserole, homemade mashed potatoes, rolls, wonderful turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a super awesome cantaloupe-avocado-tomato salad. We even ate our meal at noon. Can you believe it – NOON!

After we all ate and napped, T and I went to Michael’s to do a little shopping. We thought about hitting other stores, but we were good after that venture out. 🙂

The next day, T and I hit a few of the sales in the morning when we got up. We met up with the guys at Souper Salad for lunch. After lunch and a nap, my in-laws went home. We had such a lovely time this Thanksgiving!

The food was all hot and was awesome!

Perfect size for 5 of us.

B's plate

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our friend R turns 4

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Monday, November 22, 2010, Z’s friend R turned 4 years old. My friend, T, had R’s birthday party at Inflatable Wonderland in the mall. Those kids played for 3 hours straight. Z was a sweaty mess when we left. You know they had fun when they leave sweaty and stinky 🙂 Happy Birthday Sweet R!

Party kids!

Snack time.

Being goofy!

Please stop taking my picture mom!

Saturday, November 20, 2010 was our cubscout den’s first adventure out on a ‘go see it’. Three of the den boys went to see an old historical log house hidden in the middle of a nearby neighborhood. They also went on a long hike and did leaf rubbings. The boys had a nice time outdoors and even earned a belt loop for their hike. Z absolutely loves cubscouts! I am so glad we got him involved in this organization. It is teaching him wonderful things! And he loves the fact his daddy is the den leader!

The log house is on the left but the white buildings are what was added on.


Another neat picutre.

Very pretty hidden area.

Having fun!

Crawling across a tree to get to the other side of the water.

Climbing trees.

I love this rustic picture.

Cool scouts!

Book Fair Parade at School

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Z’s school held their book fair last week and as usual, we bought way too many books! I can’t help myself….books are great for kids! And since Z loves to read, I just can’t say no. 🙂 The last day of the book fair, the school did a super cool parade down the halls. Each class was to make a float based on a favorite book of the class. Z’s class did their float on The Courage of Sarah Noble. Each kid wore an Indian vest and headband. They looked really cute walking the halls. Each class did a great job and it was so much fun to see the teachers really get into it! Everyone was encouraged to dress like a favorite book so there were even a lot of kids dressed up. This was the school’s first year to do this, but I can see this as a new tradition.

Here comes our class float. Mrs. S is pushing our float.

That is my boy! He is so handsome!

Really serious about keeping the parade moving. He wouldn't even stop for a picture.

Coming down another hallway.

See, he wont even smile at me....very serious.

Vice Principal

Quest teacher

School Principal

Thanksgiving lunch at school

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November 18, 2010 was the Thanksgiving Feast at Z’s school. Hubby and I went to have lunch with Z. We each got a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. I had McDonald’s as a back up in case Z didn’t like the turkey dinner. Z mainly ate mashed potatoes and a roll. At least this year Z loves mashed potatoes. That is a big step for him. YEAH!

November 17, 2010 we had another cubscout den meeting at the house. This time the boys had to make a family scrapbook. Now this was right up my alley, but it was an activity for the boys. I let Z make his book as he wanted to. It turned out really cute! All the boys did a great job!

The boys really enjoyed making their scrapbooks.

Working hard.

Showing off their books.

Last soccer game

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Z had his last soccer game yesterday, November 13, 2010. It was a little CHILLY outside so Z wore his camo jacket during the whole game. It was cute! He did a great job playing yesterday! All the boys did for that matter. We won our last game! How exciting to go out with a victory. It sure made the cupcake celebration much more fun! Z got his very first trophy and we are very proud of him! Great soccer season! We even celebrated by going to Gattiland for some great food and games!

Z in his camo jacket. Too cute!

Last huddle of the season!

Cupcakes with some of the team.

Proud boy!

November 6, 2010 was hubby’s birthday. How did we spend the day? At Camp Tom Wooten with a bunch of Tiger Cubs in the Cubscouts. We had to be at camp and checked in by 8am as that was when opening ceremonies were. The drive was a little over an hour away so we had to leave bright and early – Ok dark and early. When we got to camp it was FREEZING cold. 34 degrees to be exact. We met up with another Tiger in our den and his dad.

After opening ceremonies, our first activity was fishing. Yes, fishing in the freezing cold. The boys got to make their own fishing pole using bamboo sticks and fishing line. They baited the hook with rotten old hot dogs. We fished on a floating dock. Although the scenery was breathtaking, it was sure too cold to be fishing. Even the fish were freezing.

Our next activity was mining for gold and it was warming up just a tab. They had a neat mine built for the boys and they got to go though it wearing hard hats. Then they got to pan for gold. Z really enjoyed this activity because anytime water is involved he loves it!

After mining, we went on a tour of the camp grounds and got to see a bunch of campsites as well as some other neat things; huge teepees, and a chapel that was built ages ago and it was on the water. We even got to see some of the boy scouts (camp was across the lake for the boy scouts) canoeing on the lake. Very pretty views! Now it is really getting warmer.

Next stop was the playscape and a quick snack. They had some super huge daddy long legs and Z was amazed!

Now time for some super cool stuff. Archery! Z had never shot a bow and arrow and he sure loved doing it. They even let the parents give it a try after all the boys had their turn. I am so glad that Z got to do this because he got a super cool archery set for his 6th birthday from a friend and now we can use it. Thanks cubscouts for the proper training!

Lunch time and not soon enough! We had to peel off tons of layers because by now it is in the high 70’s and the sun is shining bright! After we ate lunch, Z ran around with some of the boys playing football before our next adventure.

Rocket time! The boys got to build rockets using PVC pipes for the guide. They had a huge air compressor contraption to shoot the rockets off with. After Z shot his the first time, it was time for some modifications! In the end, he and his buddy, J, won the rocket flying contest. Their rockets shot the farthest. You can’t even imagine the smile on this boy’s face when he saw how far his rocket shot. TOTALLY COOL!

Next was the long awaited BB gun time! We hiked to Fort Houston on the campgrounds to shoot BB guns. I couldn’t wait. After listening to the range rules, it was time to shoot. I think I was more excited than Z was. He is a little rule follower and I think he was nervous and there were a lot of safety rules to follow. Way to ruin the fun range master 🙂 Just kidding. I am all for safety! After the range master worked with Z on how to hit his little tiny target at the end of the range, he did great! He even shot a poor innocent little moth that way flying by. After they shot the guns, each kid got to take home their targets.

It was a full day but a fun one! Z earned 3 belt loops which is a big deal to the cubscouts. Plus he got 2 badges that I get to sew on a vest or something. Z couldn’t wait for show and tell at school so he could share his story with his classmates. He took his target, rocks he mined for, his patches and his rocket to show and tell. He even wore his Tiger Cub t-shirt to school.

We ended the evening at Chuy’s which is hubby’s favorite restaurant! Happy Birthday!

BURRRR it is cold!

I am too cold to smile!

Very peaceful! And COLD!

That is fog on the water.

Showing off the fishing pole and the waiting patiently for a fish.

Being silly for only a second. We must be patient and watch our line.


Looking for gold in the mine.

Panning for gold in the water.

The chapel on the water's edge.

On our tour.

Archery time!

Waiting in line for lunch.

Concentrating on making a rocket.

First design.

Showing off the marker where their rockets shot the furthest.

BB gun time.

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Fort Houston.

Tiger Cub!

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YEAH!!!! Z is now in Cub Scouts and is a Tiger Cub.  He is so excited to be doing it this year! He even talked his daddy into being our den leader. We had our first den meeting last night, 11-3-10, and the boys did a great job! They received their first award – the bear claw that they will use to hold their recognition beads. I couldn’t help but get a few pictures of the boys because they looked so darn handsome! I am so thrilled that Z is in scouts. They even have a huge event this coming weekend. We can’t wait!

This is the cub scout sign

The salute

Aren't they handsome!

During the first den meeting.

The boys in our den.