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The time of year has come again! Time for our big Halloween Party for Kids! I have hosted this party for 3 years now and it is so much fun I can’t wait for it to come again next year! This year I hosted at our house. I set up a ton of different tables with activities and prizes for each kid. My husband built a ‘fishing’ game at Z’s request. Z help me plan the games and he helped me wrap up over 100 prizes for the ‘fishing game’ (which I called the spider’s web). I asked each parent to bring a few things like drinks, toilet paper, popcorn, cupcakes and icing. I also ordered pizza for everyone. We had the party on October 27 from 4-6:30. And I even dressed up – well sort of. It was a blast!

Here are the activities I had this year:

Spider’s Web – traditional fishing game with tons of prizes to fish for. The kids helped man the booth and handed out prizes. MAJOR HIT with the kids!!!

Mummy Wrap – the kids wrap each other in toilet paper. Then sometime during the party, they wrapped the playscape and everything in between. Toilet paper was EVERYWHERE and they had a BLAST!

Pumpkin Surprise – 4 pumpkin buckets filled with nasty feeling stuff. Witches warts and scabs, Monster maggots, Vampire veins, and Egor’s eyeballs.

Make a Popcorn Hand – fill the glove with candy corn and popcorn and attach rings to the fingers.

Face Painting – the kids loved this station! My friend’s daughter came to face paint for me and she even helped the kids paint each other.

Ghost Toss – toss bean bags through the ghost’s mouth

Coloring Pages and Stickers – create fun pictures

Create a Masterpiece – design your own cupcake.  My friend made all the cupcakes and icing for the kids. YUM!

Monster Freeze Dance Corners – this is like musical chairs only faster. When the music stops the kids run to a marked corner. Someone pulls a corner name from a bag and those kids are out. Continue playing until one person left.

Picture Hunt – each kid got a game card with 8 pictures on it. Each parent was given a necklace with various pictures on them. Kids had to match the picture on the game card with the appropriate necklace until all 8 pictures were identified.

Costume Fashion Show – each kid got to show off their costume in a fashion show. I announced each child and their costume.

Costume Contest – best costume, funniest costume, cutest costume, scariest costume, and most original costume. Z won the scariest costume! He was so excited to finally win the contest!

Trick or Treating – each kid got to trick or treat to each parent for goodies

The Clean Up Game – everyone pitched in to clean up my yard.

So as you can tell, it was super fun! I loved planning for it and playing with the kids! I even dressed up in my PJ’s and carried my Mrs. Beasley doll around and a little pillow. I even wore my hair in pig tails and wore slippers. Silly I know!


On Saturday, October 23, B and I went to an adult halloween party. Z went to a neighbor’s house where some of the kids were while we were at the adult party. Z was so excited to get to go so he got dressed up in his best clothes. He had me fix his hair like a cool dude. I think he was trying to impress the babysitters 🙂 We had a nice time and Z had fun with friends.

Cool Dude at home!

At our friend S's house before the party

Saturday, October 16, 2010, was the big school carnival! Z was so excited the day had finally come. We first had to go watch Z play soccer and then we came home and got showered and headed to the annual school carnival. It was a nice day weather wise and the music was fun and there was tons of energy everywhere you walked. Z got to play a lot of games and even dunked his music teacher in the dunking booth. He also got to break 3 boards with his fist. He is so proud of doing that! Z even climbed to the top of a hanging ladder. He was so proud! This year they added some new things like a pie eating contest and the teachers were the contestants, a petting zoo, pony rides and a few others. And as usual there was the silent auction. We had a great family day together and ended it at Chili’s for a nice dinner before crashing in bed.

One basket I put together for the silent auction. Items were donated by our class.

Our second basket for the silent auction.

On Tuesday, October 12, 2010, I went to the store and picked out the perfect pumpkin for Z and I to carve after school. We had such a great time doing it together and it was a perfect after school activity! Z did a great job using the knife and taking out all the seeds. Hubby was surprised when he got home from work to see a totally awesome carved pumpkin on the front porch. Now we can’t wait to do more!

Pumpkin Patch Bound 2010

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We were out of school on Monday, October 11, 2010, so a group of us loaded the cars and headed to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. It was a nice little place and the kids just loved it. We usually go to the pumpkin patch in Marble Falls but we will be back to the one in Elgin next year. It was much easier on my allergies and I think Z liked it better. The part that was fabulous was one price for all attractions instead of having to pay for each activity you want to do like at Marble Falls.

Anyway, the colors were beautiful and the day was perfect! Z got to play with a bunch of school friends too. We did the hayride a few times, colored on a pumpkin, fed a few animals, went through a long corn maze, played animal races, played on the tractor, made our way through another maze, picked out some pumpkins, had a picnic lunch and even got some professional pictures done. We even stopped for ice cream on the way home. It was a perfect day with friends! We sure missed K and her boys though. Next year for sure!

Look who is on the cover of Dog World Magazine!!!! Well, I wish! This is just a fun picture I made for Z and his puppies. But I think I should submit the picture somewhere since it is adorable!

I picked Z up from school on Oct 6 and he was wearing a different shirt than he wore to school. Turns out he lost his tooth in class. He was so proud telling me about it. The nurse gave him a tooth necklace to hold his tooth in until he got home from school and she also lent him the shirt since his was bloody. Apparently this kid decided to pull his tooth out and that is exactly what he did. He so wanted to lose a tooth at school so he just yanked it out of his mouth. It wasn’t quite ready to come out but the kid was determined. If you remember that is what he did with his first tooth loss. Oh well! I think his smile just got cuter!

The tooth fairy gave him another $5 for his tooth. Z said is was because he lost his tooth at school. Cute!

Showing off the tooth box from the nurse and his tooth pillow.

The Puppies Grow FAST!

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I must say that I am so glad we got these puppies! We just love them so much and they are so much fun! Z is such a good dog owner! He feeds them, plays with them all the time, lets them outside, and scoops the backyard without being asked. He just loves them and they adore Z! They especially like going in the car to pick Z up from school.

Here are a couple of pictures of them taken today, October 8, 2010). I take them to the vet on Oct. 19 to get more shots. I wonder how much they weigh. They have more than doubled in size since we got them a little over a month ago.



Doing what they always do - play together!

 Here are a couple pictures taken after Z’s soccer game on October 8, 2010

Soccer Time

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Well the time has finally come for Z to play soccer at the local YMCA. He was so excited to be on the same team as a friend from school. They named their team the Longhorns. Z absolutely LOVES soccer! We are so proud of him and love watching him play. Here are a few pictures from his very first practice (9-16-10) and his very first game (9-25-10).