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Ok, Z talked me into helping him make a little doll. We cut out the shirt, pants and head and I sewed it all together. I added orange yarn for hair and sewed on blue eyes, a nose and a mouth. I think it is stinking cute!

This is a one of a kind creation. Totally cute!


It has been almost two weeks that we have had our new puppies living with us. It has been chaos at our house to say the least. But we love every minute of it! The puppies are so much fun when they play but thankfully they do sleep a lot! The cats are still upset with us for bring home puppies. Biscuit has made herself a nervous wreck from it and now has a bladder infection – which leads to peeing outside the liter box. Tiger has started coming downstairs and is still in denial. Nibbles, the gerbil, is not happy because now that the puppies are here the cats pay way too much attention to her and that is making her nervous. The only ones not effected are the hermit crabs. Oh, that reminds me….must feed the crabs 🙂

Seriously, the puppies have brought us so many smiles. Z absolutely loves them and they just love to play with him! The love to chew on EVERYTHING! The are getting better at potty training and we have taught them to sit for their treat, the word “potty” and the word “inside” when potty time is over, they know “kennel” means time to go night night. They are learning “no” and “down” but that still needs some work. We aren’t able to take them for walks yet since they are so young and haven’t had all their shots. They will need leash training and just general training. We can’t wait to sign up for the classes.

Today they had a blast going down the slide in our backyard. It wont be long until they figure out how to climb it. They are so much fun. Everyone should get a puppy or two!



They found the cat's bed and now it is theirs

They popped the beach ball. It is way more fun flat!

Z and Shadow

Mom sleeping with Shadow on the couch

Echo going down the slide and Shadow waiting for her to play with him