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Ok, we are crazy! We adopted 2 lab mix puppies from the shelter this weekend (8-22-10). We couldn’t bring them home yet because they have to get ‘fixed’ so we will get to pick them up on Wednesday. These little guys are brother and sister and pretty darn adorable! They are full of energy and are only 2 months old. We finally caved and got Z a puppy (in this case two puppies) because he has been bugging us ever since Annie died last year. We decided to get two puppies so they can keep each other company and to have a companion through the years. Z is on cloud 9 and can’t wait until Wednesday. I surprised him after school today and took him to the shelter so we could play with the puppies. Man are they full of energy! We wore them out and they just about passed out in our arms.

Meet Shadow

Meet Echo


Brother and sister playing tug of war

You can never get enough puppy kisses


First day of 1st grade!

Posted: August 23, 2010 in School

Today was the big day, Z went to 1st grade. He was so excited to be in his favorite teacher’s classroom this year. We are looking forward to a great school year since last year was not that great. You know you have a good teacher when you get a phone call at home from the teacher just to check on Z’s first day of school. She is a sweetheart of a teacher and we are very lucky to have her!

Excited to get to school

About to go in the classroom

Showing off his locker

Sitting at his desk

Z and Mrs. S, his teacher

We had my dear friend from Houston come and visit us with her 2 adorable kids this week. She came on Wednesday, August 11 and left on her birthday, Friday August 13th. We had such a great time talking and laughing and talking and laughing! The kids played together great! We went to dinner one night, sorry the food was bland, and I cooked one night. The kids played from the time they woke up until the time they went to bed. We even got some shopping in and a trip to the water park. Even though it was a short trip, I am so glad they came! I just love hanging with J! Can’t wait to see you again!

The boys being boys!

Look Dad, no hands

L checking to make sure the tire pressure is good

Doing the dishes after making brownies

Trampoline time

Air hockey anyone!

J and little Miss C

August 10, 2010, I took Z to a new ceramic shop near the house. He picked out a space ship nightlight to paint. He did a great job painting it! We will definitely go back to that shop! The lady that owns it is very nice!

Ready to paint


Sshhh...don't bug me

Looks great!

Mr. Puppet again…

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Summer Time

On August 9, 2010, Z and I went to the Round Rock Library to see our good friend, Mr. Puppet, perform his last show for the summer. Mr. Puppet brought a few new puppets and had some really fun different acts. We had a blast and he is always so funny. He is a good family friend and we just love to listen to his shows. We always laugh so hard! Great show B!

Ready for the show to begin

Great performance!

Meet Danny

Meet Frankenstein

Having a blast!

Meet Diego!

We wanted to get in one more mini vacation before school started so we all headed to San Antonio for a long weekend (August 6-8, 2010). Hubby took off work on a Friday so we drove to San Antonio and went to Sea World and played in the Lost Lagoon for the afternoon and then caught a couple shows in the evening. We had a great time playing in the water and since we were wet from the water park, we decided to sit in the ‘splash zone’ at the new Shamu Rocks Show. We sat in the 5th row from the tank and when I say we got soaked, that is an understatement! We were drowned in water. Salty cold water!!!! I am glad we did it once, now we will never have to do it again. I don’t think it was what any of us expected… was much worse! 
We went back to Sea World on Saturday to play at the water park some more and we truly had a blast. We walked around in our bathing suits and just got wet everywhere we could. We played in Shamu’s Happy Harbour and even stood on the bridge near Journey to Atlantis. Again, not what we expected….we got drenched! But it was so hot outside, it was perfect! We stayed on the bridge for about 10 rides to hose us. Z loved every minute of it! After a full day of water slides and fun, we went back to the hotel and got showered and went to dinner. We had a great day! 
On Sunday, we went to IHOP for a nice breakfast and then went to the Children’s Museum in San Antonio. We have season passes so we wanted to go while we were already in San Antonio. We always have a nice time at that museum and this time Z got to dig for gems at the Diamond Dell exhibit. He loved that part! After a full day at the museum, we stopped at Texas Roadhouse on the way home for some nice steaks. What a great family weekend! 

A family picture at the Lost Lagoon

Shamu Rocks

I love this picture!

We were on the big screen

This kid was tired from a full day at the waterpark

Never pass up dippin dots!

Children's Museum

What a great little waiter

Milking a cow

Diggin for gems

Fools gold

Check out all the gems he found

Bubble boy

Milk experiment

Flying the plane

This was fun

Balls balls everywhere

Great picture

That is my boy

Neat fish tank picture

Check out the arm bands

July 30, 2010, I took Z to Target for some shopping and then I took him to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Hubby had plans already so it was just me and the boy. We had so much fun at Chuck E Cheese! Z won 320 tickets and picked out a cool dino dig toy. After we ate dinner and played games, Z and I went to a local toy store to listen to Lucas Miller sing. We had a great time! We ended the evening out by getting milk shakes on our way home. Perfect evening with my son!

Lucky boy!

Mom and Z

Lucas Miller

More of Lucas Miller

End of the show