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This week (July 26 – July 30 2010) Z attended VBS at his old preschool church for the second year in a row. The theme was High Seas Expedition and he had a wonderful time! He went with a few friends B, O, J, M, and A. Each day after I picked Z up, he was thrilled to tell me all about the lessons he learned for the day. What a great experience for him! Can’t wait until next year.

First day of VBS. Z was in crew #9

Having fun

Being silly

Z and O were in the same crew

Last day and he was totally wired!

Z posing with his crew teacher

Posing with a character from VBS


Right after Z and I got back home from our trip to Indiana, I had a 3 day conference to attend downtown. Since I am on the Executive Board with our PTA, I had to attend the seminars. So I went with a couple ladies from our PTA and had a really nice time! We learned a lot during the seminars. But I must say it was the lunches and dinners that were fun with friends! Can’t wait for this school year to begin. It is going to be an amazing one.

Me with K, A, and D.


Petco tour

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Friends, Summer Time

Right after Z and I got back home, we went on a tour to our local Petco with some friends (July 22, 2010). It was a really fun time! We got to touch all kinds of stuff and learned lots. Of course each kid left there wanting a pet. Go figure….. We ended the tour at Marble Slab with our friend L and her boys. It sure was wonderful to see friends after being gone for 16 days.

Where is the bearded dragon?

I had to face my fears!

What a fun little ferrit

They don't bite......hard

Holding the ferrit

How much is that birdie in the window...

Each kid got a goodie bag

Friends from the tour except B and R didn't want to be in the picture

Boys will always be silly

Trip to Indiana 2010

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Relatives, Summer Time

Z and I was able to go see family in Indiana July 7 and scheduled to return on July 13. We really had a great time! We got to see tons of family, we went swimming, went to the park, went to the bounce house place, went to Chuck E Cheese, went to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, went out to eat, went to get ice cream, and the list goes on. The kids played from sun up to sun down and we never got to bed before midnight. We had so much fun and was getting sad to see July 13 come. But we were given a super surprise from Hubby on July 11. He extended our trip for us until July 20. YEAH!!!! So that just meant more fun! We went swimming some more, to the park some more, out to eat some more, visited family some more, and even went to the movies. We had a wonderful trip and my cousin is the best for letting us stay with her the whole time! We miss everyone and can’t wait until next summer. We will be back for sure.

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A boy and his sucker

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Around the House

Never mess with a boy and his sucker! Z got this sucker at Chuck E Cheese and decided today was the day to open it up. He worked on that thing for about an hour. I just loved these pictures and had to share.

This year we did something a little different and went to watch the fireworks near Baskin Robbins. We got there early to secure a parking place in the parking lot and went to Smokey Mo’s for dinner. We saw K and her family in the parking lot so we joined them for a little bit and the kids just played and had a blast making glow in the dark necklaces, etc. We then went to get our ice cream and to the truck to watch the fireworks. Although they were nice, we will go pack to the park next year to view the show.

Watching fireworks from the back of the truck.

The Zooman

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July 2, 2010, we went to the local toy store for Family Friday Fun Night to see the Zooman and some of his critters. We went with some friends and the kids were really amazed to see all the animals. We always love seeing the Zooman.

Horse Camp

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Camp, Summer Time

Z attended horse camp last week and loved every minute of it! He attended with a couple friends from school and one of the kindergarten teachers was the one who taught the camp. There were only 5 kids in his class last week so they each got great one on one time. They fed horses, bathed horses, brushed the horses, scooped poop, rode twice a day, did crafts, played in the sprinklers, painted a horse, and I am sure I am forgetting some stuff. They were there all day everyday for a week. On the last day the parents were invited to watch some of the things the kids learned while riding horses. They even did an obstical course for us. It was really cute and we can’t wait until next year. Thanks Mrs. B for a wonderful week with our kids.

Meet Ruse, the horse Z rode for the last day

Riding high on Ruse

The boys waiting their turn to do the course

What a cute picture

Doing a great job riding

Making the horse stop on command

More of the course

Riding time is over, time to take Ruse back to his stable. Mrs B is next to Z and she is the one who did the camp for the kids at her house

Z, M and J painting Tick Tock the white horse

Tick Tock all dolled up

We got the cutest birthday party invitation for A’s 6th birthday party. It was a huge tea party. So on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 we attended the best tea party ever! The table was arranged in mixed matched place settings. Each kid was to take their place setting home as their party favor. There were so many details that my friend, S, covered all the way down to the “drink me” and “eat me” labels on stuff. She decorated the house with the new Alice in Wonderland stuff and it was just amazing! They even made a huge balloon arch you had to enter the tea party through. There was tons of dinner items served to each child. They played 5 different party games and the prizes were out of this world – webkinz and other items. They even had a pinata. And to top it all off, all the kids were dressed in costume. My friend made all the food, I helped with the dinner items, and she even made the cookies and cake. I know they must have put many hours into the preparation of this party. Well done my friends!

Table before the kids arrived. I didn't get a picture of the archway....bummer

This was taken after hubby brought Z to the party. He was the 3 of hearts card. You can see part of the balloon arch behind him

Group shot

Time for the tea party

Playing a game with M. She had to change out of her costume since it was full lenght and HOT

Z with birthday girl next to the pin the smile on the cat that my friend drew

She had them put on this cute bag to hide their eyes when pinning the smile on the cat

She did a great job drawing this

Popping the balloon game

The front part of the cake S made. It had so many little details all around it. There was even a cute door with a rabbit next to it on the back

The cookies S made

Pinata time