Critters around the house

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Around the House, Summer Time

Ok, so you all know we have two cats, two hermit crabs, and a gerbil. Well, we have had a few visitors around the yard in addition to the ones in the house. We had a snake, a turtle and a fox in the yard last week. Not to discount the various deer, raccoons and opossums that are out there in the greenbelt behind our house.

We actually rescued the turtle and took it to the lake and released it.

Texas checkered garter snake on our back porch by the back door.

Red earred slider turtle

Z was so excited and wanted to keep the turtle

Come out little turtle

At the lake to release the turtle in the wild

Be free little guy

The turtle actually ran to the water. He was thrilled to be there.

Z caught a dragonfly while at the lake.

It is hard to see the fox, but he is next to the birdfeeder in our back yard.


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