Z is finally a swimmer!

Posted: June 10, 2010 in General Information, Summer Time

I decided it was time for Z to swim without a float or life vest this year. So I signed him up for swim lessons at the local YMCA. He was not pleased to do it but realized it wasn’t going to do him any good to fight his mother on this. So off we went to our first swim lesson on Monday (June 7, 2010) this week. He was very apprehensive about getting in the water and doing what they asked him to, but he really had no choice 🙂 He left the lesson saying swim is his favorite thing ever. The next day he did a little better and we went to the pool to practice some skills. Before I knew it, he was swimming without my help. He is still very rough in technique but I am so proud of him. Today he has been to swim class 3 times so far and is still very nervous to put his face in the water. But for some reason while we were at the pool practicing, he was swimming with his face in the water and LOVING EVERY MINUTE! People told me it would “click” with him one day and WOW they were right. It is kind of freaking me out (in a good way).

Enjoy the pictures of day two and day three. I stayed out of sight during day one since he was very nervous about being there. I didn’t want him to see me and try to convince me to take him home. He did really well on day one and did what they asked of him. So we are very proud of him facing his water fears so quickly.

Day Two - So far so good

Day Two - Z does not like to do a back float or anything lying on his back in the water

Day Two - I don't think he realized she wasn't holding him up

This was our practice at the neighborhood pool. I am not helping him swim to the wall nor does he have on a float

Day Three....still nervous about the back float

Day Three - putting his face in the water for a couple seconds

Day Three - Z has ALWAYS loved jumping in the pool ONLY if someone catches him....those days are about to change!

Day Three - I know...the goggles may have been a little tight after seeing the indentation, but he had a BLAST!

Eating lunch at the pool with a couple buddies. L got there just as they were finishing lunch so I didn't get her pic. Bummer


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