Kindergarten graduation – sniffle sniffle

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Rewards, School

June 3, 2010 was Z’s kindergarten graduation. It was so cute! All the kinders gathered in the gym to sing a bunch of song for all the parents. After the performance, they gave each kinder their graduation certificate. It was so cute! After the ceremony, we went back to class and had a little party. My friend, S, made all the cookies and cupcakes. They were really cute graduation caps.

After school, we took Z to Build A Bear to make a parrot for his graduation gift. You ask, why a parrot? Well a few weeks ago, the kids all wrote letters to their parents asking for a pet. Z asked for a parrot. Of course we told him no, but when I saw that Build A Bear had parrots, I knew that would be his gift. It was really fun and the little thing is pretty cute.

All the kinder kids

Z is singing and doing a great job

Getting his certificate

Class party

All the kids signed each other's shirts

Signing shirts

Z and his kinder teacher

My big first grader now!

Loving my gift Mom and Dad!


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