First tooth loss

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Around the House, General Information

I completely meant to post this before the kinder graduation post. Z lost his first tooth on June 1, 2010. The tooth was already a little loose but not near the stage of coming out. Z woke up that morning and decided it was time to get that tooth out. So he worked on it all day and finally pulled it out. We were completely surprised and Z was screaming with joy. He stayed home from school that day because he was sick, but as soon as that tooth came out, he was instantly better! Now time for the tooth fairy!

The tooth fairy brought Z $5 and a super sweet letter. Z is still on cloud 9 to be toothless. My boy is getting so big! Sniff Sniff!!!!!!

Loving the new smile!

We now have a tootless kid. He is so excited!


Ready for bed with tooth in the pillow ready for the tooth fairy

Opening the gift from the tooth fairy

YEAH!!!! Money and a letter


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