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Thursday, June 24, 2010 we went on a tour at our local grocery store with a bunch of friends. It was such a great time. They learned about vitamins, teeth brushing, dairy products, even went into the walk-in refridgerator, healthy breakfast choices, healthy snack choices, bakery items, lobsters, and healthy produce items. They even got to run the cash registers. After receiving a goody bag from the store, Z and I headed to Chick-fil-A with a friend for some lunch before doing a little shopping. What a great day with friends!

Check out my crown

They all got to sample some great chocolate milk

The walk in fridge was C-O-L-D!!!!


Being silly

Getting a cheese and cracker snack

Fresh tortilla

Touching the lobster

Poor lobster

Z getting a closer look

That lobster was cool

Z and his pal D

Produce department

Being a cashier

Price check on isle 11

Group shot


Ok, so you all know we have two cats, two hermit crabs, and a gerbil. Well, we have had a few visitors around the yard in addition to the ones in the house. We had a snake, a turtle and a fox in the yard last week. Not to discount the various deer, raccoons and opossums that are out there in the greenbelt behind our house.

We actually rescued the turtle and took it to the lake and released it.

Texas checkered garter snake on our back porch by the back door.

Red earred slider turtle

Z was so excited and wanted to keep the turtle

Come out little turtle

At the lake to release the turtle in the wild

Be free little guy

The turtle actually ran to the water. He was thrilled to be there.

Z caught a dragonfly while at the lake.

It is hard to see the fox, but he is next to the birdfeeder in our back yard.

I decided it was time for Z to swim without a float or life vest this year. So I signed him up for swim lessons at the local YMCA. He was not pleased to do it but realized it wasn’t going to do him any good to fight his mother on this. So off we went to our first swim lesson on Monday (June 7, 2010) this week. He was very apprehensive about getting in the water and doing what they asked him to, but he really had no choice 🙂 He left the lesson saying swim is his favorite thing ever. The next day he did a little better and we went to the pool to practice some skills. Before I knew it, he was swimming without my help. He is still very rough in technique but I am so proud of him. Today he has been to swim class 3 times so far and is still very nervous to put his face in the water. But for some reason while we were at the pool practicing, he was swimming with his face in the water and LOVING EVERY MINUTE! People told me it would “click” with him one day and WOW they were right. It is kind of freaking me out (in a good way).

Enjoy the pictures of day two and day three. I stayed out of sight during day one since he was very nervous about being there. I didn’t want him to see me and try to convince me to take him home. He did really well on day one and did what they asked of him. So we are very proud of him facing his water fears so quickly.

Day Two - So far so good

Day Two - Z does not like to do a back float or anything lying on his back in the water

Day Two - I don't think he realized she wasn't holding him up

This was our practice at the neighborhood pool. I am not helping him swim to the wall nor does he have on a float

Day Three....still nervous about the back float

Day Three - putting his face in the water for a couple seconds

Day Three - Z has ALWAYS loved jumping in the pool ONLY if someone catches him....those days are about to change!

Day Three - I know...the goggles may have been a little tight after seeing the indentation, but he had a BLAST!

Eating lunch at the pool with a couple buddies. L got there just as they were finishing lunch so I didn't get her pic. Bummer

We went camping at McKinney Falls State Park with some very good friends and their kids. I know you are thinking I didn’t know you camp. Well, I do and we had a blast! Z was absoluetly thirlled to go camping and loved every minute of it! Yes, it was hot outside, but we made the most of it and had a blast! The park was beautiful! We had a great campsite! We had great company! We had great food! We had fun toys! The campfire rocked! We had it all!

While we were there, we saw a lot of different bugs.  Z and his friends jumped right in there and played with the bugs and just had a blast. We even went on a great hike and played in the water.

We can’t wait to go camping again! Thanks to S and J and their lovely girls for the invite and for showing us the way. It was a blast!

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I completely meant to post this before the kinder graduation post. Z lost his first tooth on June 1, 2010. The tooth was already a little loose but not near the stage of coming out. Z woke up that morning and decided it was time to get that tooth out. So he worked on it all day and finally pulled it out. We were completely surprised and Z was screaming with joy. He stayed home from school that day because he was sick, but as soon as that tooth came out, he was instantly better! Now time for the tooth fairy!

The tooth fairy brought Z $5 and a super sweet letter. Z is still on cloud 9 to be toothless. My boy is getting so big! Sniff Sniff!!!!!!

Loving the new smile!

We now have a tootless kid. He is so excited!


Ready for bed with tooth in the pillow ready for the tooth fairy

Opening the gift from the tooth fairy

YEAH!!!! Money and a letter

June 3, 2010 was Z’s kindergarten graduation. It was so cute! All the kinders gathered in the gym to sing a bunch of song for all the parents. After the performance, they gave each kinder their graduation certificate. It was so cute! After the ceremony, we went back to class and had a little party. My friend, S, made all the cookies and cupcakes. They were really cute graduation caps.

After school, we took Z to Build A Bear to make a parrot for his graduation gift. You ask, why a parrot? Well a few weeks ago, the kids all wrote letters to their parents asking for a pet. Z asked for a parrot. Of course we told him no, but when I saw that Build A Bear had parrots, I knew that would be his gift. It was really fun and the little thing is pretty cute.

All the kinder kids

Z is singing and doing a great job

Getting his certificate

Class party

All the kids signed each other's shirts

Signing shirts

Z and his kinder teacher

My big first grader now!

Loving my gift Mom and Dad!

May 31, 2010 – we went out on the boat again with Papa R and E. Z and his Daddy even got to swim in the lake. After we spent the morning on the lake, we went back to the house for a nice cookout. After dinner, we headed home.

Swimming in the lake

Having a splashing good time

Look Mom, no hands or feet

Ahhhh.... this is the life. Fishing on the lake

May 30, 2010 we drove to Z’s grandpa’s house and we all had a great lunch before heading to Glenrose, TX to see some dinosaur tracks. Z thought it was AWESOME to stand in actual dino footprints. We even walked across the river to see some tracks and even got wet doing so. After touring the different dino prints around the park, we went to Subway for dinner and then drove back to Papa Rick’s house and went boating on the lake. It was a great day outdoors with family! Good idea Papa R and E!

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May 29, 2010 was the End of School Bash with Joe McDermott at Kaleidoscope Toys. We went with a bunch of friends from school and had a blast! We got there early for the face painting and then got our seats so we could be close to Joe while he performed. As always, it was AMAZING. He always does such a great job!

Did I say face painting....I meant hand painting

Mom and her boy

Joe performing

Getting the CD autographed and posing for a picture

May 28, 2010 was the day Z went to his friend J’s birthday party with a bunch of friends from school. The kids had a blast! Happy Birthday J!

Everyone loves cake time


Birthday boy!

Kids playing outside

Playing with bubbles in a friend's truck

Z and his gal pal, L, at our house after the party