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Saturday, May 22, 2010 was a fun day at the mall for Kidgit members. We went to the mall thinking it was going to be a travel theme and was pleasantly surprised at the change they did. It was now all about safety. The Austin Police Department was there and they were giving away all kinds of stuff. Z couldn’t wait to get home and read all about the safety measures for just about anything out there. He even learned about the Red Cross. After we went to all the tables in the mall, they directed us outside where they had a ton of vehicles set up. They had a bomb detecting robot, a red cross disaster truck that serves meals, a police dog, jet skis, and even a helicopter. I am not sure which was the best….they were all amazing! Thank you Kidgit’s club!

They handed each kid the bucket of goodies right when they arrived

I thought this was a cute little car

Mystery flavor

The crime fighting dog

Pretzel guy

Bomb detecting robot

They serve meals out of this truck at disaster sites


These were some big jet skis

Meet Rocco the police dog

Love the badge

Right after the helicopter landed

Z posing with the pilot for a picture

Mom's turn to be in a picture

Z and daddy showing off all the free giveaways they got today


I entered and won a contest through one of our local radio stations, Mix 94.7, to attend the meet and greet session with Miranda Cosgrove on May 22, 2010. I didn’t find out I won until the night before and Z had already gone to bed. I could hardly sleep that night because I knew how excited he was going to be when we told him the news. We took him out of school for a few hours so we could go to the radio station where we could meet Miranda. For those of you who don’t know who Miranda Cosgrove is, she plays Carly on the iCarly TV show and is also a singer. The meet and greet session was quite small so it we had great seats and were able to ask her questions. Z even got an autograph and a picture with her. Z was so sweet and wrote her a thank you note for coming to see him. She was so sweet to him when he handed it to her. She is a very sweet young lady and we know she will do well in her carreer! Man, Z was on cloud 9 since he loves loves loves her on TV. And hubby and I were pretty excited too! She is a TV star!!!! How cool is that? Thank you Mix 94.7!

In the radio station lobby

We were thrilled to be there

Miranda entering the room. See us in the background?

Interview session

Z's turn to get an autograph


Writing his thank you note

Thank you for coming all the way here!

Reading the thank you note Z gave her

Miranda saying thank you for the note

Z took this picture of Miranda. She was so sweet to let him.

New Electric Guitar

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Ok, we went ahead and did it. We got Z and electric guitar on May 15, 2010. It is used but nonetheless he LOVES IT! He couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. We caught some video of him jamming out and it is quite fun! But then the real show began, he had us sit down and watch him while he played and sang the Star Spangled Banner (his favorite song). You have to listen to them both. You will crack up! He is such a rock star!

Love the new jams!

Here is a link to the just Z jamming with the guitar:

Here is a link to Z singing The Star Spangled Banner and playing the guitar: 


Field Day at school

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Thursday, May 20, 2010 was field day at Z’s school. It was originally scheduled for the week earlier but was changed to this date due to rain. It just so happened to be the same day Z’s grandparents had to fly home from thier visit so they couldn’t attend. Fortunately hubby and I were able to go with him to watch him have fun. It was all about water and getting wet. They had tons of water stations set up for the kids and it was a perfect day for it. They got HOSED and so did I. They loved the idea of getting mom wet. I didn’t mind at all, it was so much fun getting them wet right back. And Z’s teacher was so much fun as well and allowed the kids to get her wet. It was a great day!

Ready for some fun in water

Hanging with the buds

What's up guys

Water balloon throw

Snack time

They kept yelling, get Mrs. V!!! And they sure did!

One of the water games

Now we are all wet and loving it!

Peace man!

May 15-20 was so much fun around the house. We had my Dad and Stepmom come to visit us from Arizona. They came in late Saturday night so hubby went to the airport to pick them up. Z couldn’t stand it so he stayed up until they got here. By the time he finally went to bed he was well past tired and hit the delirious stage. We had a lovely visit with them and stayed busy the whole time.

Sunday we stayed around the house and played and planned our meals and went to the grocery store.

Monday Z and his Grandma B made me a wonderful breakfast in bed (a belated Mother’s Day gift for me from Z). Then Z went to school and we went to have lunch with him. While Z was at school, we all went to eat lunch and Grandma B got Z the game battleship. Z was thrilled to get it when he got home from school as he had been wanting one. They played the game right away. After Z went to bed we stayed up playing Left, Right, Center (dice game) and cards.

Tuesday Z went to school but he got a special treat in class that day. The teacher allowed his grandparents come into the class and Grandma B read all the kids two stories. Grandpa E was a “watch dog” for the morning and Z got to get his picture taken with his grandparents for the school wall. We all stayed with him until after lunch. I think the kids wore out grandma and grandpa 🙂 After school was out, we went to play Glow Golf putt putt golf. Z just loves to do that so it was a fun time! After Z went to bed we stayed up playing Left, Right, Center (dice game) and cards.

Wednesday we let Z stay home from school and we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Johnson City to the Exotic Zoo. We got to feed tons of animals and play in the petting zoo before we ate our lunch. It was a perfect day at the zoo. After we got home and got cleaned up we played games all night long. We taught Z how to play Left, Right, Center (dice game) and we had a blast. Z had a rough time going to bed because he was so upset that his grandparents had to leave the next morning. He cried and cried. It was so sad to see him so upset! After Z went to bed we all sat around watching TV since it was a busy day.

Thursday was the day to say goodbye. Z was so sad to see his grandparents leave. We will miss them and can’t wait to see them again! It was an awesome visit!

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QUEST project

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Z is in the QUEST program at school and they had all the kids create an insect and the habitat in which it lives. They were to pick out different pieces of trash to create their insect. Hubby helped Z hot glue his together. He called it a Mossey Goosey and it lives in the wetlands. The habitat was made from things from the greenbelt behind our house. Each kid’s project was displayed at the QUEST fair for the whole school to see. Z was quite proud of his creation.

Here is more information on the QUEST program:

1. The word QUEST is really an acronym for: Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents.

2. QUEST is a program designed to meet the needs of students who excel or show potential to excel in a combination of two of the areas of giftedness as defined by the state of Texas:
creative and productive thinking and high general intellectual ability

One proud kid showing off his creation

Closer view

Z and his best pal, B, standing next to their creations

Z and the QUEST teacher, Mrs. S

Mother’s Day 2010

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Mother’s Day was May 9, 2010 this year. We were lucky to have my Grandmother and Aunt here with us. However, they actually left on Mother’s Day morning to go back to Indiana. We celebrated Mother’s Day with them early. Z made them a wonderful tote bag and I got them some Hallmark books. My Grandmother gave me money to buy some wonderful stuff. Thank you Grandma!

Z and hubby got me a new digital photo frame since the one I had already broke beyond repair. I absolutely love my new one! It is much clearer and it plays video and music as well as display pictures. It also came with 3 different frames so I can change it up from time to time.

After taking my Grandmother and Aunt to the airport, we went to IHOP for a late breakfast. Afterwards we went to paint ceramics. Z just loves to do that. We had a nice relaxing day. Thank you guys! I love you both very much!

About to leave for the airport

Z picked a dragon to paint

I picked a butterfly to paint for my craft room

Hubby didn't pick anything to paint, he just helped Z with his

Looking good

Can't wait to see them once they have been fired

My new digital photo frame. Z help pick out pictures to load on it. He picked out pictures of me. What a sweet Mother's Day gift!

Family visits from Indiana

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My grandmother and my aunt came to visit us from Indiana May 5-May9, 2010. That would be Z’s great grandma and great aunt. We had such a great time together! We did a lot of shopping and eating out. Z beat my aunt at air hockey multiple times and we even played some board games. Z made them special Mother’s Day gifts and they just loved them! We had a wonderful visit! It was sad to see them leave. Please come back soon! We love you very much!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010. We took a field trip to Crowe’s Nest with the kinder kids at Z’s school. Hubby went with us and we rode with a bunch of friend there. Z took the school bus with his classmates to the farm. Once we got there, the kids had lunch first. During out unpacking of the lunches, we quickly realized that Z’s lunch didn’t make it into the coolers. He was the only one in all of Kinder that didn’t have his lunch with him. It was left in the classroom. We were quite upset with his teacher for not ensuring Z’s lunch was included. But despite the horrible situation, Z managed just fine. Everyone was offering him parts of their lunches. (After the trip, Z said it made him feel like people liked him.) So he got enough to eat. After lunch, the kids posed for some pictures and ran around like crazy before their tours began. They played with caterpillars and acted silly. They were so fun to watch because they had so much energy! Once the tours began, we stayed busy. We saw all kinds of snakes, turtles, spiders, etc. We saw a cow get milked. We saw a bunch of longhorns. We took a hayride then walked around to see various chickens and other bird type creatures. We saw pigs and goats. We even went to see the butterflies and the ferrie woods. Pretty cool day!

Z was so excited to get to ride the school bus!

Being silly at lunchtime

Class picture

Boys being boys

Z's teacher holding a butterfly

Z holding a caterpillar

Me and my boy!

Z and his Dad

On a hayride

Getting ready to go home

May 1, 2010. We went to a pool party for Z’s friend, L. The kids had a blast in the pool! We could barely get them out for pizza and cake. Z played in the pool for hours and when he came out, he was covered in hives. I had never seen anything like it before. They went down within an hour. We couldn’t give him an antihistamine because he was getting allergy tested on that Monday.

Then after the party, we headed to the local high school to look at the district wide art show. Z had a piece of artwork in the show, so we had to go check it out. Great job honey! I love it!

Later that night, I went out with the girls for scrapbook night and Z and hubby had guy’s night. They just love guy’s night and I sure enjoy the ladies. Win Win!

Having a splashing good time

Z and L having pizza and cupcakes

The birthday girl! Happy 6th birthday L!

This is hilarious!

What a cool mask at the art show. I wonder who did it.

Posing with all the entries from Z's Elementary school

Z and his wonderful art teacher!