My 42nd Birthday!

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Birthdays

Well, on April 17, 2010, I turned the 42 years old. I got up and did my usual routine on Saturday mornings, Weight Watchers and allergy shots. On my way home I picked up some donuts from Shipley’s Donuts. YUM! When I got home, I was presented with a few gifts. I got a few things for my IPHONE and Z painted me a beautiful canvas painting. I love it! After hanging out around the house in the morning, we got showered and headed to my favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden, for a nice lunch. That was followed by some shopping at Old Navy. Then we went to Main Event and played Glow Golf and then Z tried to rock climb again. We had a blast playing golf but the rock climbing just frustrated Z so we had to go home. It was pouring like crazy on our drive home so we decided to spend the following day finishing up my birthday plans. SHOPPING!

What a lovely painting by my wonderful son!

At The Olive Garden!

OK, Z is making a mustache out of a bread stick.

Birthday girl golfing

Being silly

Look out!!!

Show me the money!

Can you turn a golf ball into a pearl?

Love this family picture

Birthday girl and her boy!

Getting ready to climb

"Mom, I am not so sure about this....."

We had a nice dinner at Chuy's after more birthday shopping on Sunday!

Dinner on Sunday at Chuy's. I love that place too!


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