Lunch and egg hunt with friends

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Friends, Holidays

Friday, April 2, 2010 was a no school day for the kids. So my friend T planned a lunch and egg hunt in her backyard at her house. It turned out that it was supposed to rain outside so we moved the festivities to our house. When the kids arrived, they went upstairs to play and it gave the moms some chit chat time. Once the pizza arrived, we all ate and them moved to doing some cute crafts. We made ornamental eggs and decorated a paper egg cut out. They kids were so quiet while they worked it was kind of spooky. They kept asking to make more eggs.

Finally when the crafts were finished we let the kids in the backyard to hunt eggs. Yes, I said backyard. But that time the weather was nice outside. They kids each hunted 12 eggs then played on the playscape and jumped in the trampoline. We also had a variety of sweets to eat. By the time everyone was leaving, it started to mist outside. Perfect timing and a perfect day! Thanks to T for organizing it all!

Craft time

J's older sister watched baby L while we did crafts

Getting ready to hunt for eggs

On your mark.....get set.....go!

I love this picture of B!

Checking out the goodies


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