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Well, on April 17, 2010, I turned the 42 years old. I got up and did my usual routine on Saturday mornings, Weight Watchers and allergy shots. On my way home I picked up some donuts from Shipley’s Donuts. YUM! When I got home, I was presented with a few gifts. I got a few things for my IPHONE and Z painted me a beautiful canvas painting. I love it! After hanging out around the house in the morning, we got showered and headed to my favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden, for a nice lunch. That was followed by some shopping at Old Navy. Then we went to Main Event and played Glow Golf and then Z tried to rock climb again. We had a blast playing golf but the rock climbing just frustrated Z so we had to go home. It was pouring like crazy on our drive home so we decided to spend the following day finishing up my birthday plans. SHOPPING!

What a lovely painting by my wonderful son!

At The Olive Garden!

OK, Z is making a mustache out of a bread stick.

Birthday girl golfing

Being silly

Look out!!!

Show me the money!

Can you turn a golf ball into a pearl?

Love this family picture

Birthday girl and her boy!

Getting ready to climb

"Mom, I am not so sure about this....."

We had a nice dinner at Chuy's after more birthday shopping on Sunday!

Dinner on Sunday at Chuy's. I love that place too!


April 9, 2010 Z and I went to a classmate’s birthday party. C turned 6 years old and had a blast of a party. They had a huge bounce house for the kids, games, tattoos, and ice cream sundaes. The kids ran around like crazy and had so much fun. It was all kids from school and there were tons of kids from Z’s class. It was also so nice to visit with some great ladies! Happy birthday C!

Z ran straight for the bounce house

Tattoos were next

Can't forget the games

C has a couple super sweet doggies

Time for sundaes and sing happy birthday to C

Give a kid a whipped cream container

Now the chocolate sauce

Yummy in the tummy

Can you see the whipped cream spray on his face

Game is done but they of course want to play in the water

School buddies

J took this picture while I was talking to A and M. Good job buddy.

Z and I were on TV!

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Before I go into the story about being on the news, let me back up a day. April 7, 2010, we took Z to see my allergy doctor since Z has been struggling with allergies and tons of coughing. Z just hates going to the doctor so I told him about how famous my allergy doctor was because he is always on the news. Z thought that was cool. When the doctor was testing Z’ lung function and stuff, he told us that the news crews like to have kids on TV and would we be willing to be on TV. We said yes, of course so Dr. L took down our phone number for the next time he got a call to be on the news. After the breathing tests and treatment, it turns out that Z may have allergy induced asthma just like I do. He left the office with 2 inhalers to help him control his coughing (just like me).

This leads me to April, 8, 2010. I was working in the work room at Z’s school and it so happened that hubby was there too since he just finished having lunch with Z. My cell phone rang at 11:30 and it was Dr. L calling. He said the news crew would be there at 12:30 and would we like to be on TV. So I waited to take Z out of school until he finished his QUEST (gifted program) class. He was thrilled with the idea of being on TV and his classmates wished him luck as he left class.

We got to the doctor’s office and the news crew was just getting there. They set up the camera and put a microphone on Z. The lady just talked to us calmly and asked some questions about allergies in general and things about Z and school. He did a great job with the camera pointing at him. Next they got me a microphone and then asked me questions. Once the interviews were over, we got milkshakes and headed back to school.

Turns out Z and I were on the new a total of 3 times. Twice during the 5pm news and once during the 6pm news. They also put a clip on the internet. Here is the link:  We will be posting up a movie to U-tube  that hubby put together incorporating all three segments as wells as some pictures we took but he is still working on that now. **U-Tube vidoe now available:  It was a great day and totally awesome to see yourself on TV.

The camera guy is putting a microphone on Z

The interview

This picture is cool because you can see Z and the lady doing the interview and you can also see Z in the camera view finder

More of the interview

The lady from the news and who did the interview

Camera guy

Today, April 6, 2010, hubby and I picked Z up from school and headed to an area near the house where there were a lot of bluebonnets. We had fun taking the family pictures. Hubby set the camera timer and had to keep running over to get in the picture. Z and I had fun watching him rush around. Z decided he wanted to take some pictures of hubby and I. He did a wonderful job. I couldn’t help but get a few pictures of him taking pictures of us. TOO CUTE!

What a fun picture!

Time for my close up

Checking out the pictures Z took with is daddy

Z took this picture for us

Love using timers

Love this picture

Two thumbs up

What a fun smile!

HOPPY EASTER!!!! April 4, 2010 was Easter this year. Z woke up at 6:30am to look for his eggs. He couldn’t hardly stand the wait. He got an amazing basket from the Easter Bunny and got to find a bunch of filled eggs as well as the ones we colored. Turns out the bunny got Z a bunch of the Mighty Beans and now he is obsessed with them and wants to start collecting them.  We left a picture that Z made for the bunny along with some water and a cookie. The bunny ate the cookie, drank ALL the water and took the picture. I bet he left our house with a fully belly!


Z said the bunny got him "a year's worth of suckers"

The contents of the basket

Ok, here is Spike one of our hermit crabs.

Eggs are everywhere

Seriously! How am I supposed to get my coffee???

Lots of loot!

The eggs we dyed again. So pretty!

April 3, 2010. After we came home from N’s birthday party, I boiled 24 eggs for us to dye. I set up a ton of cups with egg dye in them and we had such a relaxing time dying eggs! It was nice to get them done early in the afternoon. Normally it is something we do the night before Easter. This way we got to still have a great family evening together. After dinner we had movie night. Z even made the Easter Bunny a lovely picture to take with him on his journeys. What a great Saturday!

In the beginning....

We used a was crayon on a bunch of the eggs to make pictures


YUCK!!!! This smells like vinegar

Got tongs?

We did a nice job! They are beautiful!!!!

What a great picture for the Easter Bunny!

N’s birthday party

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Saturday, April 3, 2010, was Z’s classmate N’s 6th birthday party. She lives right across the street from us. It was such a beautiful day outside and we actually had to put on sunscreen. They had a playscape and a trampoline for the kids. They also had a balloon artist come and made special things for the kids. Z got a fishing pole and a hummingbird made. He loved them! It was nice to see some classmates on the weekend! Happy Birthday to N! We had a lovely time!

Kids just love trampolines!

Z and J and J from school

Making a fishing pole


Cake time!

The birthday girl! Happy 6th birthday!

Friday, April 2, 2010 was a no school day for the kids. So my friend T planned a lunch and egg hunt in her backyard at her house. It turned out that it was supposed to rain outside so we moved the festivities to our house. When the kids arrived, they went upstairs to play and it gave the moms some chit chat time. Once the pizza arrived, we all ate and them moved to doing some cute crafts. We made ornamental eggs and decorated a paper egg cut out. They kids were so quiet while they worked it was kind of spooky. They kept asking to make more eggs.

Finally when the crafts were finished we let the kids in the backyard to hunt eggs. Yes, I said backyard. But that time the weather was nice outside. They kids each hunted 12 eggs then played on the playscape and jumped in the trampoline. We also had a variety of sweets to eat. By the time everyone was leaving, it started to mist outside. Perfect timing and a perfect day! Thanks to T for organizing it all!

Craft time

J's older sister watched baby L while we did crafts

Getting ready to hunt for eggs

On your mark.....get set.....go!

I love this picture of B!

Checking out the goodies

School Egg Hunt

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April 1, 2010 Z’ class had an egg hunt and that is no April Fool’s joke 🙂 Each kid brought 6 filled plastic eggs. All the eggs for the Kinder classes were combined into one big pile and they were all numbered 1-6. After the parents hid all the eggs, each kid was to look for eggs and only end up with one egg with each number on it. In other words, they were to have numbers 1-6 in their baskets. This was a brilliant idea because it kept the hunt going longer than a nano second. They really had to work for their goodies. It was so much fun watching them run around.

Z's kindergarten class


And they are off. Here is Z on his adventure.


Checking out the goodies.

Z just LOVES baby L!

Me and my dear friend T!

Park and Water Fun!

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 March 30, 2010 a few of us met to let the kids play on the playground at school after pickup. They played for about an hour and a half. They had such a blast and I had a nice time talking  to a couple moms. After Z and I got home, his Dad was working in the yard. Since it was a nice day and also the day we put our trash out for pickup, I thought I would go through the garage toys and get rid of broken ones. While I was doing that, the neighbor boys came down to play. Before I knew it they were washing my car with water guns. With every passing minute they were becoming wetter and wetter. I am not sure at what point the sprinklers came on but that was the end of dry boys. They loved playing in the water and rolling in the dead grass. They were out there for a couple hours having so much wet fun. I took pictures and videos and they kept asking me to post them to U-Tube. Ummm yeah, I haven’t done that because I am not sure how to. At least you can see some pictures.

They called themselves the "wet boys"

Rolling in the dead grass.....great.

This is was it is all about.....F U N!!!!