Fishing with family

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Relatives, Vacation

Friday, March 19, 2010 was a great day for some fishing on the lake. After breakfast we gathered all our fishing gear and a snack bag and headed back to the boat. The weather was really pretty but still a bit to cool for good fishing. It was windy so it was hard to keep track of the line. That didn’t stop the fun though. Z has learned to cast his own line out and absolutely loves doing it! Too bad we didn’t catch any fish. But that just gives us an excuse to go out and try again when the weather gets warmer.

That afternoon, Z and his Papa R played a few games of Battleship. Man I played that game when I was a kid! Z just loved it! In fact, Papa R gave Z one part of the game and kept one part for himself and the two of them plan to play via email over the next few weeks. They are so excited to get it going.

Before it was time for us to leave, we let Z drive his jeep around. Papa R fired up the lawn mower tractor and raced Z in his jeep. That was so fun to watch! They both only went about 5 miles per hour but still, it was fun. And of course Z won! Thanks for a wonderful time!

Having a great time

Don't they look like pros

Z casting his line

Yep, Z is drinking and driving. MILK that is!

Fishing on the dock (or should it be 'sitting on the dock of the bay')

You sank my battleship

And the race is on

Z and Snowball. He loves this dog

E posing with Z and Snowball


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