O’s birthday party

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Birthdays, Friends, Relatives, Weekend Activities

Saturday, February 27, 2010, was O’s birthday party at Kiddie Acres. Z’s Papa R and E came in town to go to the party with us since they weren’t able to come to town for Z’s birthday a few days prior. We all headed out to the amusement park and had a great time. The weather was PERFECT and the kids had so much fun. It was great that Z’ grandparents could see him play with some friends and meet some classmates. Thank you to K for including us in O’s awesome party!

Papa R and E spent a couple nights with us and it was just great to get to spend time with them. They guys went fishing (see next post) one afternoon while E and I went shopping. We dined out a few times and even played games at home. Z got some Ben 10 things from them for his birthday. It was such a great weekend with family!

Happy Birthday O!

Hope you like the gift O.

Z and B go for a spin on the ferris wheel.

Giddie up cowboy!

Don't sink the boat being silly!

Z and his pal J.

Train ride with B.

What a lovely family!

Z posing with Papa R and E at Kiddie Acres.

You can't go to Kiddie Acres and not get cotton candy. Thanks for the party favor K!

Playing a fun game Z got for his birthday from a friend.

I will give you one guess who won that game.


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