Happy Birthday Z!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Birthdays

Thursday, February 25, 2010 was Z’s actual birthday. He turned 6 years old! I can’t believe how fast that time went.

We got Z a desk  for his room because the train table he had been using was not working anymore for him. It was way too short and just not good form for working at. Hubby spent the evening putting the desk together in Z’s room so he would wake up in the morning and be surprised. (Z slept in our room that night so we could work in his room.) The next morning when Z went to his room to say good morning to Nibbles, the gerbil, he was so shocked! He yelled with joy! He wants to be an author when he grows up so this was the perfect surprise. Z and I put stuff on his desk before he even left for school. And when he got home from school, we worked on filling some drawers I got for him. He is on cloud 9 with his new desk! He can’t wait to work at his desk now!

Hubby was a volunteer at Z’s school all day and I always work at the school on Thursdays as well, so we were both up there most of the day. I brought donuts into the class for his birthday celebration and we handed out camo bouncing balls to each child in class. It was a fun day at school for us all!

He was screaming THANK YOU!!!!

This is what we did before school.

The boys Z plays with at school. O was not in this pic though. I wish he was.

B, K and Z!

Birthday kid and his donut.

This is Z's class.

Ok, we are finally done organizing his new office.

The Bat Cave. We got this for Z's bday party. He got all the accessories from friends and using some bday money.


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