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Saturday, March 20, 2010 was another Home Depot craft for Z and his Daddy. They usually have the crafts on the first Saturday of each month but this was a special event today. Z built a herb garden. It turned out really cute! When they got home, Z and his Daddy replanted the tomato plants into a 3-liter Coke bottle and made a terrarium out of it. The planted cilantro and jalapeno peppers in the herb garden pots instead. What great father/son thing!

What a great job

Just being silly

Terrarium with the tomato plants

Cilantro and jalapeno in the pots instead


Fishing with family

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Friday, March 19, 2010 was a great day for some fishing on the lake. After breakfast we gathered all our fishing gear and a snack bag and headed back to the boat. The weather was really pretty but still a bit to cool for good fishing. It was windy so it was hard to keep track of the line. That didn’t stop the fun though. Z has learned to cast his own line out and absolutely loves doing it! Too bad we didn’t catch any fish. But that just gives us an excuse to go out and try again when the weather gets warmer.

That afternoon, Z and his Papa R played a few games of Battleship. Man I played that game when I was a kid! Z just loved it! In fact, Papa R gave Z one part of the game and kept one part for himself and the two of them plan to play via email over the next few weeks. They are so excited to get it going.

Before it was time for us to leave, we let Z drive his jeep around. Papa R fired up the lawn mower tractor and raced Z in his jeep. That was so fun to watch! They both only went about 5 miles per hour but still, it was fun. And of course Z won! Thanks for a wonderful time!

Having a great time

Don't they look like pros

Z casting his line

Yep, Z is drinking and driving. MILK that is!

Fishing on the dock (or should it be 'sitting on the dock of the bay')

You sank my battleship

And the race is on

Z and Snowball. He loves this dog

E posing with Z and Snowball

Thursday, March 18, 2010. Although we got home after midnight the night before, we decided to go to the lake to visit my husband’s father and step mom. Z was so excited! He jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait until we were in the car. We got there in the afternoon and we went out on the boat on the lake and Z got to drive the boat with his Papa R. He loved every minute of it. Papa R even let Z control the speed of the boat so it wasn’t long before we were flying and I was getting wet from the waves splashing against the boat. He thought that was the funniest thing EVER! It was a perfect afternoon with family!

That evening we went to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Z didn’t hesitate to try tons of new foods. It was all his idea. I think I have figured it out with him and new foods. We need to go to more buffets so he can select his items. Seems like he is more willing to try new things that way. NOTE TO SELF!

We planned on spending the night and will go fishing the next day. See next post.

Papa R took Z around on the lawn mower and let him drive

What a nice looking family

This is a little red head on cloud 9

Driving like a maniac on the lake

Look Mom, no hands

I am ready to drive the golf cart

Sea World San Antonio

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010 was our last day in San Antonio with our friends from Houston. After we had breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Sea World. J’s kids had never been there and L couldn’t wait to see Shamu. So first things first, we all rushed to see the Believe show (Shamu show) and it was amazing as always. This time they had a baby whale along side her mother and it was so sweet to watch. The little thing would try to do some of the things mama did but mainly she just swam around like a small child would. It was such a neat thing to see. They said she was born weighing in at 300 pounds. Hard to imagine – huh?

We had such a great time with J and J and their kids. L got to ride his first roller coaster with Z showing him all the ins and outs of riding. Z even showed L how to play some of the games. Both boys won some cool stuffed animals. I have to say though, my personal best experience at Sea World this time was getting to feed the dolphins. I know, usually you just hold out your fish in hopes they come near you to eat. But this time the park had one side designated to feeding so the dolphins were everywhere! We had a couple dolphins playing with us even when we didn’t have food. One dolphin even laid on the ledge in the pool and let us pet it for a long time. He/she even rolled over so we could pet the belly. How cool is that? We were on cloud 9. J and J hadn’t fed the dolphins before so I am sure this is what they will expect next time they go. I only hope the dolphins are as friendly the next time.

When it was time to say goodbye to our friends, B, Z and I stayed behind to do a bunch of other things. We rode some rides this time around now that Z is taller. We saw the sea lion show and had a great time. We didn’t leave the park until almost 10pm – closing time. We got home at 12:30am. It was a long day but I would do it again in a heartbeat! Good thing for season passes 🙂

We had a wonderful vacation with J and J! I can’t wait until next time. Heck, I am trying really hard to get them to move to Austin. The house next to ours is for sale!

The beginning of the day

Z and Mom before the Shamu show

Our dear friends from Houston. J and J and their beautiful kids, L and C


Backwards flip

I thought this picture was cool with Shamu on the stage and on the big screen

Feeding the fish at lunchtime

Z catches a fish and wins an alligator

J is congratulating L for catching a fish and winning an alligator too

Me and my pal J

Check out the prizes Z won from the games he played


We call him Flipper Flipper

No, Z isn't shooting the dolphin

And we still call him Flipper Flipper

The dolphin on the ledge in the pool and we are loving every minute of petting it

This NEVER happens

Dippin' Dots ROCK

Shamu again


Sea Lion show is always so much fun and it cracks us up

The log ride that we got SOAKED on

San Antonio Children’s Museum

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 was raining in San Antonio and it was the day we planned on going to Sea World with our friends. During breakfast we changed our game plan for the day and headed to the Children’s Museum and the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. That museum was awesome! I had heard that from several people before but never experienced it first hand. Let me just say that after going, we will certainly be back! Z loved it and had a blast! Of course the huge HEB kid’s market was a huge hit as was the airport set up. We stayed for hours and finished up our day at the Rainforest Cafe on the Riverwalk for a late lunch early dinner. Of course the food was fabulous and it was my friend, J’s, first time there.

Fingerpainting with J and L

Z's fingerpainting. It is a fish under water. I love it!

Shopping for the perfect groceries

Z picked out the perfect fish

Scanning groceries at the kid's market

Z made Daddy a yummy steak sandwich

Eating tons of fish

Mosiac artwork

Going on an airplane trip


Z is the pilot and is scaring his Daddy

Getting a plane ticket and boarding pass for mom

In the control tower

Check out the radar screen

Playing the change game at the bank

This ATM gave out museum money that you can exchange for a pencil

Riding in the bulldozer

Pulling up bubbles all around Z

L and Z posing by a cannon

HELLO the Alamo

J and her beautiful kiddos, L and C at the Rainforest Cafe

San Antonio Zoo with friends

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Monday, March 15, 2010 we started our 3 day San Antonio vacation with some friends from Houston.  We hadn’t seen J and J in a few years. Last time we saw them C was just a baby. She is so grown up now and absolutely adorable! And Mr. L is a cutie pie as well. We couldn’t wait to meet each other at the zoo in San Antonio and had a great day. That evening we went to a fabulous Mexican restaurant near the hotel. YUM!

Me and my friend J!

Z and L. Aren't they just cute as can be?

Little Miss C and her doll, Stella

Caribean flamingos

Z and Dad near the grizzly bear

Grizzly bear

Z bird in a nest

Z butterfly

Z took tons of pictures while we were at the zoo. I just love this picture of him taking a picture of the monkeys.


Hammerhead shark

Big fish



Cool looking bird


HUGE Rhino



Black bear

This machine makes plastic molds of animals at the zoo. I had a couple of these when I was a kid YEARS ago. It is neat that they are still around.

Z chose a Koloa Bear for his mold

Sunday, March 14, 2010,  Z and his Daddy made a kite together and tried to fly it. The kite was too heavy to fly but it sure was a nice kite! Instead they pulled out the Bumblebee Transformer kite we had and got some flying in before the winds died down for the day.

Z also went shopping with some birthday money he had gotten from his Grandma B and Grandpa E and got an accordion. HE LOVES IT!

Saturday, March 13, 2010, Z went on an adventure walk in the woods behind our house with his Daddy. Z packed his backpack filled with bird watching stuff and paper to write about the various birds they found. They had a great adventure and saw many pretty birds and only one snake. You can tell that spring is in the air with the budding trees and the pretty birds coming out.

Well, it was Home Depot craft again on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Hubby took Z and they built a rain gauge together. Apparently this time Z was the foreman and told his daddy what to do and how to help. Z put the whole thing together himself. He is definitely getting better at building stuff. Good job honey!

Look Mom, I am doing it all by myself!

Dad, you need to hold this together while I hammer. Oh and say cheese to the nice lady for taking our picture.

Finsihed product. I am sure Z will paint it at home.

Sunday, February 28, 2010, hubby took Z and Papa R to the fishing hole for some afternoon fishing while E and I went shopping. Papa R taught Z how to cast his line into the water. They didn’t catch anything but they did have a nice time together without the women.

Afternoon of just guys.

Having fun with Papa R!

Here fishy...fishy....fishy!!!!