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Donuts with Dad at school

Posted: February 27, 2010 in School

I got my blog out of order because I was so excited to share the snow news. But on Friday, February 19, 2010 was Donuts with Dad at Z’s school. Hubby went up to the school with Z to eat breakfast and socialize with other kids and Dads. I went with them because I volunteer in the library every Friday morning and I knew they would need help cleaning up. It was a great morning for us all.

Eating a yummy breakfast~!

The vice principal talking to all the dads

The principal doing the morning announcments.

Z and his dad volunteered to do some of the morning announcments.

I helped clean up.


We woke up on Tuesday, February 23, 3010, to some serious cold weather! By the time we left for school, it was sleating outside. At that point I knew snow was for sure going to happen. Boy did it come down! It snowed on and off all day long. Some schools let out early but Z’s school remained in session. However, hubby and I couldn’t stand having him in school and not out playing in the snow so we picked Z up from school early. We came home and went to play in the snow. The guys made a large snowman together while I took pictures for the scrapbook. I mean come on now….snow in Texas should be scrapbooked! Next Z made his own little snowman and then they build a snow fort together. When we were all done outside, we came in and got warm/dry clothes on and I made us some hot chocolate.

Next thing I know, the boys down the street were outside having snowball fights. Z wanted to join them so he got a different coat and gloves and out he went. They had a blast out there. I watched the entire thing from the front window. Those kids had the best time of their lives in the snow!

Now we probably wont see that much snow again for another 10 years or so. Thank goodness for pictures! Oh and It took until the next afternoon for the snow to melt.

This was taken of the front of our house in the morning before the heavy stuff came down.


Making the bottom of the snowman.

I tried to get Z to eat the snowball. He wouldn't though.

Snow angels!

Z is making his own snowman now.

This guy looked awesome and so did the snowman!

Z posed with his snowman.

Dad and Z.

My turn with the snowman.

February 20, 2010, we hosted Z’s 6th birthday party at the house. Z wanted to do a military theme this time. We made the invitations at home again this year and they were super cool! I got all the kids army helmets to wear as well as other military items (camo bracelet, camo notepad, camo pencil with Code Name: Z-Man engraved on them, and a large army dude) for the goodie bags. I personalized each bag as “PFC” for private first class and then their name.

I had each kid pick out their goodie bag at the beginning of the party since I am terrible about remembering to hand them out when people leave. (I must say, that was a great system and I will do that going forward.) Since it was raining outside, all the kids went upstairs to play until the pizza arrived. I had originally planned for everyone to play and eat outside in the backyard, but mother nature was not on my side that day. They had a blast upstairs! They played with toy guns and dress up and everything inbetween! When pizza arrived, I went upstairs and said “pizza is here” and it was like a sea of kids rushing downstairs to eat. Once everyone was all done eating we moved to the garage for a couple party games. That allowed Mr. Puppet to set up inside for his birthday show. We played pass the granades (hot potato) and a bean bag toss that Z and hubby made. Each kid got 4 army men as their prize for playing the games.

Once Mr. Puppet was ready for the kids, they gathered in the living room and had a blast. That man is so funny! He had Z do a magic show at the beginning of his performance and Z is still talking about it. He brought a few other fun puppets along and the kids laughed so hard I think some of them may have peed their pants. He even had the adults cracking up. Mr Puppet handed out finger puppets to each kid there. What a hit! He even led singing Happy Birthday to Z during cake time.

After the show we quickly ate cake and opened presents. The party was about 3 hours long and the kids had so much fun that the time just flew by. It was Z’s idea to have the party at the house and I am so glad he did. We were able to share our home and a special day with so many wonderful friends! Good idea!

Getting ready for friends to come!

Goodie bag table.

The decorations turned out nice.

Posing with Mom before the party.

Now posing with Dad.

This pizza is awesome!

Pass the granades game.

Bean bag toss.

More bean bag toss.

Gathering in the living room for the show.

Z gives thumbs up for the show to begin.

Everyone is ready to for the show.

Mr. Puppet and Z worked on making a cake appear.

TA DUH! It is magic!

This is Tiny the elephant. He sprays water on the audience with his trunk.

This is Stinky. He is a funny puppet!

If you make that face it will stick like that Stinky.

The crowd just keeps laughing.

Mr Puppet handed out finger puppets to each kid.

The cake!

Blowing out the candles.

Z gets the first piece of cake for sure this year! We had a mix up last year and he has not let us live that one down.

Z giving Mr. Puppet a thank you card.

Opening presents.

Gift from mom and dad.

The Office Door is Finished!

Posted: February 14, 2010 in General Information

The project to put up a door and enclose the half wall is now complete. I think my hubby did a great job! And so did J painting it 🙂

Looks Fabulous! This is the entry way when you walk into the house.

Inside the office.

Saturday, February 13, we went to C’s birthday party at the YMCA. The kids to to play in the giant playscape and then they played soccer before eating cake. They had so much fun and were a sweaty mess. Great party K!!

Slide fun!

Up in the tubes.

I love this picture of Z in the slide.

More tube fun!

Kicking the ball!

This is the b-day boy! Happy Day C!

Friday, February 12, was Z’s class Valentine’s Day party. Each kid was to bring in a decorated box for the Valentine exchange as well as Valentine’s for each kid in class. Before they handed out their Valentines, they got to create their own ice cream sundaes. That was so much fun watching the kids create yummy looking masterpieces! Once they all ate plenty sugar, they proceeded to pass out Valentines. Boy that was crazy to watch! But in the end each kid scored bigtime with a ton of Valentines. They had so much fun and I am so glad I went to watch 🙂

What a creation!

Mom and Z!

Z and his buddy C!

These are the buds! J, Z and C!

R made Z a special Valentine. She is so sweet!

Z was working very hard to hand out all his Valentines.

Ready to get my Valentines!

Wednesday, February 10, was our playgroup’s Valentine’s Day party. Each kid brought a box to decorate for the Valentine exchange between friends. They all did a wonderful job with their creations! Z had a blast making his and he took forever to finish. He wanted it perfect and he did it all by himself (I cut the hole in the top because that needed a knife). The kids had fun handing out their Valentines. Thank you K for hosting this playdate. It was a blast!

Z entertained us with his cool dude moves while he decorated his box.

Really working hard.

Great job!

Handing out Valentine's to friends.

Being silly!

Saturday, February 6, 2010, after B’s party we went over to D’s house and adopted a little gerbil for Z. They had gotten their daughter, M, the gerbil about 5 months ago and she lost interest with it. So they offered it to us and we were thrilled to take her in. We brought her home, Z changed her name to Nibbles, and he helped his Daddy clean out her cage. Then they placed her cage in her new room – Z’s room! He loves having her share a room with him. We have so much fun playing with Nibbles and watching her run around in her little ball. Thanks S, D and M!

Z loves Nibbles! She is his very own pet!

Sometimes this is the only way to catch this fast gerbil!

Z took this picture of me holding Nibbles.

So excited to clean out her cage.

Helping each other.

No Dad, this is how you spread it out.

Putting on the lid.

Saturday, February 6, 2010, was B’s birthday party at her house. (Her actual birthday was February 4.) They had the Capital of Texas Zoo come back out to their house. They set up a petting zoo for the kids. What a hit! The kids did a cute craft, played like crazy and then pet the little critters. It was a perfect day outside and we stayed for 3 hours. The time flew by since everyone was having so much fun. Great party T!

The birthday girl!

Party friends pose for the picture. All these kids were from school.

Friends from school were at the party. What fun!

In the petting zoo area.

Z and school pal, K, play with the tortoise.

Z and school pal, N check out the animals.

Not sure what Z and A are looking at here.

A sweet picture of Z and R!

Cake time.

Z and school pal J.

Z chilling with R.

Saturday, February 6, 2010, was a very busy day for us. It started with Z and his Dad going to Home Depot to make a wooden display box for a few special cars. While they were at Home Depot, they picked out some paint to paint the throwing game they are making together for Z’s birthday party.

After we all got home, I go to Weight Watchers on Saturday mornings, Z went to play with some friends outside while hubby worked on the building the game for the party. Next thing I know, we are having a mini playdate with neighbor kids in my playroom. Before long, it was time to head out for B’s birthday party. 

Building the box without help.

Finished product.