Work in progress

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Around the House

So you all know that hubby quit his job and is now working on opening his own business. He will be working from home and decided that he needed some privacy in order to work. So he took last week off to install french doors and close up a cut out in the wall. It looks really nice and now we are waiting to get the designer in here to paint and complete the work.

During the process of putting in the door hubby needed to install a piece of tile. So he had to rent a tile cutter. While he had the tile cutter, he decided to replace a few tiles in the living room that were cracked. So Z went to get his goggles on and he helped his Daddy with breaking up some of the tile. It was really cute to listen to them working together.

The door is in and now tons more work to do.

Working together.

Here let me hammer while you hold it.

This is so much fun!

What a big helper!

Door in, trim done, tile done, wall in, texture we wait for J to paint it all.


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