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Way back in October when Z’s school had a silet auction, I purchased a ’tile party’ at a local ceramic shop for 4 friends. Well, finally the time came when we went! On January 29 after school a few of Z’s friends joined us for our party. The kids had so much fun. The moms sat there watching the kids paint and before long, we were all painting something. When the kids finished their tiles, they saw the moms painting so of course they wanted to paint more stuff. So in the end, the moms painted a piece, and the kids painted two things a piece. So much for just painting the free tile ūüôā

Of course we were all hungry after all the creating we did, so we all met up with our husbands and another family and all 14 of us hit Jardin Corona’s for some good food and fun times. The ladies planned a spa trip and the men all convinced K to join the poker group of men. And as always, we all had a nice time.¬†

Getting started.

I think Z just shot me with an invisible gun.

P had a great time painting.

M was too small to paint but he still had fun checking out everything.

It wasn't easy to get C to look up and smile for the camera. He was so interested in his creation.

No, I didn't paint this. I wish I could so I took a picture to try to copy.

They are all working really hard.

We are all painted out. Time for some dinner!


Work in progress

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Around the House

So you all know that hubby quit his job and is now working on opening his own business. He will be working from home and decided that he needed some privacy in order to work. So he took last week off to install french doors and close up a cut out in the wall. It looks really nice and now we are waiting to get the designer in here to paint and complete the work.

During the process of putting in the door hubby needed to install a piece of tile. So he had to rent a tile cutter. While he had the tile cutter, he decided to replace a few tiles in the living room that were cracked. So Z went to get his goggles on and he helped his Daddy with breaking up some of the tile. It was really cute to listen to them working together.

The door is in and now tons more work to do.

Working together.

Here let me hammer while you hold it.

This is so much fun!

What a big helper!

Door in, trim done, tile done, wall in, texture we wait for J to paint it all.

As you may have read, our big Christmas gift to our family was a trip to Florida to visit Disney World. Hubby and I went there on our honeymoon and our 10 year anniversary so when our 20th anniversary came in October, we planned to go back to Disney for our 20th anniversary only we would combine it with Christmas. So that is how we ended up in Florida on December 27 and we left on January 2. We had such a fun time despite the horrible crowds! We had no idea it would be so crowded while we were there. 

We stayed in a concierge¬†suite at Animal Kingdom Lodge and we had access to the concierge¬†lounge where we had tons of free food/drinks available to us. It was a nice break to visit the lounge and the staff on that floor was just amazing! As concierge guests, they planned and made reservations for us for each table service meal so we didn’t have to miss out on any activities and time. They even sent us a few gifts since we were celebrating our anniversary and the new year. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to wake up each morning and see all the animals outside our room just roaming around. There were so many things to do in the resort as well. They had night vision goggles available each night for the kids to look for the animals at night (very cool!), a musical parade in the lobby, crayon rubbings on the floor, crafts, folklore¬†stories by the fire pit, and an arcade. Not to mention the wonderful Boma restaurant.¬†

We attended many character meals and even went to a fun show and we went on an amazing sunrise safari to see the animals up close. We also attended a candlelight processional with an amazing choir¬†and even had the story of Jesus’s birth read to us by Angela Basset and Courtney Vance (famous actress/actor). We got to enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom. We got to ride all the popular rides thanks to all the fast passes the concierge¬†service gave us. We even got to see fireworks for New Years and the Fantasmic light show.¬†

I ordered 352 pictures for the scrapbook and we took many many more than that. I will be working on our second Disney vacation scrapbook very soon. I am only sharing a few of the pictures with you on my blog. Feel free to stop by and check out the scrapbook once it is complete. ūüôā¬†

Boat ride to a dinner show.

Music parade in the resort.

Using night vision goggles.

An awesome ride!

Indiana Jones show.

Disney Hollywood studios before dinner.

Having fun!

Before riding the intense part of Mission Space.

This is after I vomited when Mission Space was over. Apparently they spin you in circles at 35 miles per hour. No wonder I puked!

I will never ride this ride again. Z loved it though.

Playing with robots.

Character dinner.

Character dinner.

Character dinner.

Character dinner.


We had to stop at a bunch of these penny smashing machines.

Mickey's house.


Riding on Splash Mountain.


Happy New Year's Eve!

New Year's Eve character dinner.

New Year's Eve character dinner.

New Year's Eve character dinner.

New Year's Eve character dinner.

New Year's Eve character dinner. Z working in his autograph book.

Crayon rubbings at the resort.


After the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Holding up the Epcot ball.

Dinner in a bucket at a dinner show.

Goofing around at a dinner show.


Character breakfast.

Character breakfast.

Character breakfast.

Around the resort.

Around the resort.

Around the resort.

Around the resort.

From our sunrise safari tour.

From our sunrise safari tour.

From our sunrise safari tour.

From our resort room.

Around the resort.

Playing late at night at the arcade with Dad.

Sitting with Mom enjoying a folklore story around the fire.

Candlelight processional after our character dinner.

Can you ever get enough pictures of the Disney castle?

"Wishes" firework show on Mainstreet

"Wishes" firework show on Mainstreet

The tree is the lobby of our resort.