Teacher gifts and a great author in the works!

Posted: December 16, 2009 in General Information, School

A while ago Z and I went to a craft show with my friend M and her girls. Well, I purchased a super cute snowman made out of a sock and I decided that would be what I would make for Z’s teacher gifts. So on December 12, 2009 I went to M’s house and between the two of us, we made 12 snowmen. Two of them were for her girls and the rest was for the teachers. I must say they turned out adorable! Thanks for your help M! 

Z decided to do something very special for the school librarian Mrs. K. He talks to her all the time about wanting to become an author and S (I call her S) thinks he is a pretty special kid. He decided to make a book for her and it was about him going to the library. The best part is Z spelled everything on his own. We only had to get the white out for the word “would” because it doesn’t sound like it should have a “u” in it. What a great job! Hubby made a hard cover for the book and bound it with a needle and thread. It turned out super cute and S said she absolutely loved it! In fact, she put it on display in the library for everyone to see. She is even going to post it on her website. It was hard to let him give it away, so of course I had to have hubby scan in all the pages so I can scrapbook and blog about it 🙂 

Here is a picture of what the snowmen looked like. They are lying on M's counter drying. The teachers loved them!!!


Front cover.


Page 1.


Page 2.


Page 3.


Page 4.


Page 5.


Page 6.


Page 7. This is talking about "scoob" the mascot in the library and the magic finger pointer.


Page 8.


Page 9.


Page 10.


The very very proud author showing off his work!

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