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Christmas Day 2009!!!!

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Z was so thrilled that Santa came to our house and ate the snacks and drank the Egg Nog that we left out for him. Even the reindeer ate their food. We spent the morning opening presents while listening to Christmas music and the smell of M’s famous egg casserole in the oven. It was a very nice morning! After we opened our gifts and watched Z play with some of his, we had my husband’s father and step mom, and my husband’s brother and his family join us for a wonderful spaghetti and meatball dinner. We all exchanged gifts and played some Uno Flash and got to visit for a long time. It was such a great day with family!

Christmas smile!

Z was thrilled to get the Three Billy Goat's Gruff.

This kid loves G.I Joe.

Magic Tree House from Grandma B and Grandpa E.

Enough said......

Hubby got a new wallet as well as some other great gifts.

I finally got my Snuggie and some other wonderful gifts.

The haul!

My brother in law.

My father in law.

Me, my (step) mother in law, and my sister in law.

My youngest niece.

My nephew.

My oldest niece.

Playing Uno Flash.

HUM.....what is this?

SURPRISE!!!! We are going to Disney World!

Z and his Papa R.

Z left this note for Santa. "Have a safe ride home"


This was our first year not to be overwhelmed with all the things to do on Christmas Eve. We had a relaxing day of errand running and hanging around the house. I made a banana bread, brownies, and cookies for Santa and Christmas Day. Z decorated a gingerbread house, sprinkled the yard with reindeer food, put out a plate for Santa, and got to open a gift. Hubby made his traditional meatballs for our Christmas dinner. He made about 150 regular meatballs and about 50 cheese stuffed meatballs. Boy o boy does the house smell YUMMY! And I must give a special thanks to my friend M for bringing over an egg casserole to cook on Christmas morning. You rock M!

This is going to be the best gingerbread house ever!

This is the back.

This is the front.

Making meatballs.

Snacks for Santa! Egg Nog is in the mug.

I wonder what is inside.

G.I Joe!

You look cool!

Feeding the reindeer!

One excited kid!

Monday, December 21, 2009, was our big playgroup Christmas party. Each kid brought a wrapped ornament for the gift exchange. We had 3 fun crafts for the kids to work on while they waited for Santa to make his appearance. They made there really pretty bell ornaments out of cups and tinsel garland, they made a sleigh, and a jingle bell stick/bracelet to use while caroling in the neighborhood. I had made these really cute reindeers out of gold spoons and attached suckers to them and handed them out to all the kids at the party. We had a ton of food there because everyone brought a dish to share. We sang Christmas carols and Santa showed up while we were singing “Here Comes Santa Claus”. It was so perfect! Santa brought each kid a gift and they were so excited to have their named called by Santa. That meant they were on the good list for the year 🙂 After Santa left, we all went caroling around the neighborhood. Everyone seemed to enjoy the kids’ singing. It was a super fun party! Thanks M for hosting!

I made 28 of these things.


Making a jingle bell stick.

Z just made the sleigh.

Ornament exchange.

Z and I passed out the reindeer spoons that I made.

Singing Christmas carols.

Asking Santa 1000 questions!

Santa handing Z his gift.

Santa sure knew what the boy wanted.

When Z saw this picture, he said that Santa wants peace on earth.

Caroling in the neighborhood.

More caroling.

Holiday party at school

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Friday, December 18, 2009 was the last day of school for the year! Hubby and I went to school with Z and helped with their class holiday party. It was so much fun. They made gingerbread houses, reindeer magnets, santa ornaments, iced cookies, and made a reindeer out of a donut. Then they had their gift exchange from the kids. (Earlier in the week, each kid had to bring in 18 wrapped little gifts for each kid in the class. Then the teacher put them all in a big gift bag and each kid got one.) They even received gifts from the teacher and the teacher’s aide. I even got a pretty snow globe from the teacher for being class mom.

After the party, hubby and I worked in the library for about 3 hours. The place was a mess from ‘meet the author’ the day before and books were everywhere from all the kids returning books before the holidays. Plus they had to take down the holiday decor. It was a full day, but I wouldn’t change it one bit.

Gingerbread house.

Reindeer magnet.

Z and his teacher.

Silly kid during gift exchange.

Class gift exchange.

Eating something.

Mrs. V and her aide.

Circle time for gift exchange.

My new snow globe.

Me and my very good friend, T.

Mrs. V and me.

Trail of Lights with friends

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Ok, so Thursday, December 17, 2009, was a busy day for us! After all the school fun, we joined up with some friends and went downtown to see the Trail of Lights. We parked in a parking garage and took a bus to the lights. The kids had a blast on the bus! At the trail of lights, we got to see Santa and pick out a cool toy, buy light swords, see a dance show, see all the lights, mail a letter to santa, check out an old post office, and spin under the big lighted tree. Afterwards, we all went to Whataburger for some food before heading home. It truly was a fun night with friends and family!

Ho Ho Ho!

Mom's turn.

All the kids got the same toy.

Light Sword Gang.

Boys being boys!

Letter to Santa.

Under the big tree!

Reindeer Romp at school

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Thursday, December 17, 2009, was also the day of the kids reindeer romp party at school. They went from room to room doing different fun things from caroling, face painting and storytime, icing cookies, making reindeer ears, and playing musical chairs. Hubby and I went for the party and took a ton of pictures to share with all the parents in Z’s class. It was such a fun time at school! Those kids had so much fun!

Z got a Christmas Tree painted on his face.

Everyone waiting to go ice cookies.

Messy kid icing cookies!

Caroling in class.

This is the principal singing with the kids.

Boys being silly!

Hey, don't bug me, I am making reindeer ears.

I am Ruldolph!

Musical chairs.

Class picture!

Meet the Author at school

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Thursday, December 17, 2009, was a great day for the kids at school. They got to meet a real life author. Z was so excited to get to meet her because he wants to become an author when he gets older. He put on his best tie so he would look perfect when he met her. I made sure I was there for the fun! All the kids met in the library at 9:30am and the author put on a spectacular show! She is so funny and such a nice person! I encourage everyone to read her books! I started off buying one and the author autographed it for Z. And after the show, Z got to go talk to her one on one. And later in the day, I took hubby up to meet her too and we got to talking about how Z wants to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Well, Susan (the author) took a picture from her purse of her and her sister in front of the Eiffel Tower, signed the back to Z and gave it to us to give to him. That kid was on cloud 9! Thank you so much Susan!

Here is a link to her website. She writes so many fun books and her sister illustrates most of her books.

The library was packed to see the author!

Z in the audience having a blast listening to the stories.

Z and Susan posing with one of her books.

A while ago Z and I went to a craft show with my friend M and her girls. Well, I purchased a super cute snowman made out of a sock and I decided that would be what I would make for Z’s teacher gifts. So on December 12, 2009 I went to M’s house and between the two of us, we made 12 snowmen. Two of them were for her girls and the rest was for the teachers. I must say they turned out adorable! Thanks for your help M! 

Z decided to do something very special for the school librarian Mrs. K. He talks to her all the time about wanting to become an author and S (I call her S) thinks he is a pretty special kid. He decided to make a book for her and it was about him going to the library. The best part is Z spelled everything on his own. We only had to get the white out for the word “would” because it doesn’t sound like it should have a “u” in it. What a great job! Hubby made a hard cover for the book and bound it with a needle and thread. It turned out super cute and S said she absolutely loved it! In fact, she put it on display in the library for everyone to see. She is even going to post it on her website. It was hard to let him give it away, so of course I had to have hubby scan in all the pages so I can scrapbook and blog about it 🙂 

Here is a picture of what the snowmen looked like. They are lying on M's counter drying. The teachers loved them!!!


Front cover.


Page 1.


Page 2.


Page 3.


Page 4.


Page 5.


Page 6.


Page 7. This is talking about "scoob" the mascot in the library and the magic finger pointer.


Page 8.


Page 9.


Page 10.


The very very proud author showing off his work!

To end out the fun Sunday, December 12, 2009 we headed out to Heritage Park with M and K and their kids to have some fun. I brought a big bag of toys for the Blue Santa donation so we all got free hot chocolate. We weather was not that cold but it was a little misty. We didn’t care though. The kids got to jump in a bunch of bounce houses and then ran around like crazy kids after drinking their hot chocolate and eating funnel cake. Just before we left, Z and C made a few letters to Santa and got to mail them. It was a fun day with friends.

The tree was beautiful and so was the bonfire.

Hot chocolate time.

This kid is crazy!

They ate the funnel cake so fast!

Writing to Santa.

These are the letters Z wrote to Santa.

Here are the backs of the letters Z wrote to Santa.

Z only mailed one letter. Our elf on the shelf will hand deliver the rest to Santa.

Saturday, December 12, 2009 – We went to the local YMCA with M and her family to have cookies and cocoa with Mrs. Claus and got to take pictures with Santa Claus. The kids got to talk with Mrs. Claus and do a cute craft. Then Mrs. Claus read them a story and they all sang Christmas carols. Then we all went into another room to meet the man himself – Santa Claus. It was amazing, when Z walked up to Santa he said “hello there Z, you have gotten big.” You know, Santa is always watching.  After our visit to the YMCA, we met up with M and her family later in the afternoon for some yummy lunch.

Mrs. Claus talking to Z while he ate a cookie and had hot chocolate.

They made this cute craft.

Rudolph the red nosed Z.....

Family picture.

Z and his girl, C.

M & M's....

Mrs. Claus reading a story.

Santa Claus

Mr. and Mrs. Claus!