Second early release day from school

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Friends, School

November 4, 2009, was another early release day for the kids at school. The teachers use a couple days out of the year for lesson planning and school meetings so the kids get out early. Well, we had plans to play with a couple friends from other classes. A and A were in Z’s preschool class last year and they also go to his school now. Their mom invited T and I to join them at Kiddie Acres. We had a nice time and the kids had a blast riding all the rides. Everyone got along great. Thank you for the invite J!

IMG_4874 11-4-09

These kids were thrilled today! They couldn't wait to ride the rides.

IMG_4875 11-4-09

Ferris wheel was the first choice.

IMG_4880 11-4-09

Airplanes next.

IMG_4892 11-4-09

They couldn't wait to ride the train!

IMG_4895 11-4-09

L is such a cutie pie!

IMG_4899 11-4-09

Z is riding on Tyler.

IMG_4902 11-4-09

Riding in the cars.

IMG_4905 11-4-09

Check out my boat.

IMG_4907 11-4-09

Merry go round and round and round!

IMG_4913 11-4-09

Now Z is riding Copper.

IMG_4916 11-4-09

This is one happy boy!

IMG_4921 11-4-09

Z and I rode the train one last time before we left the park.


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