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Thanksgiving Feast at school

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Holidays, School

November 18, 2009 was the big Thanksgiving Feast at Z’s school. It was a big Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family during lunchtime. There were tons of parents and grandparents at the school to spend lunchtime with the kids. It was so sweet. The kids had made head dresses and pilgrim outfits. Z had on a head dress that he made and it had a really pretty black feather in it. It gave me chills to see the kids wearing their art. He kept it a secret from me too. Once we connected with Z, we went through the lunch line together as a family. It was Z’s first time to purchase his lunch at school. He was thrilled! He couldn’t wait to try all the foods. (He hates Thanksgiving dinner normally but wanted to bad to like it this time.) Well, this occasion was no different. He tried everything and was excited to but in the end didn’t eat his lunch. But he does want to buy his lunch again another day.

Thank you for having a nice lunch with us Z! Mom and Dad had a great time with you today! We love you very much!

Mom and Dad waiting on Z to get to the cafeterria.

Z and his Daddy!

Mom and Z!

I don't know who is more excited to go through the lunch line for the first or Z.

YEAH!!!! I can't wait to try all this yummy looking stuff.

One of the teacher assistants took this picture for us. Turned out really nice.


November 12, 2009 was a great day for us! We went to A’s house and packed boxes for the troops in Iraq. Each mom supplied 24 items of things to put in boxes. The kids drew pictures and made cards for the soldiers over there. Even the moms made some cards. It was a great giving moment! After we packed the boxes, the kids played on A’s stairs. They had a blast jumping from the steps to the floor. I know….not very safe…. but they did have fun!

On our way home, Z asked why the troops were in Iraq. I explained to him we were at war and that the really bad guys attacked our country on Sept. 11, 2001. He continued to ask questions, so I explained it all to him. I told him that we even had old newspapers from that time. When we got home, I pulled up everything I could find from the attacks on the computer and showed him everything. He saw all the terrorists and Osama Bin Laden and understands that he is a bad man. After checking out the computer, we looked through all my old newspapers. He just loves to learn about new things.

Turns out the next day at school, Z drew some pictures of the attacks during free draw time in class. He is so proud of what he has learned and says we will find Osama Bin Laden and kill him. I hope so honey!

Read to make cards for the soldiers.

Z made a very sweet card to the men. He even wrote "USA ROCKS" on his card.

Proudly displaying his work.

Packing boxes.

They turned out very nice! I know the men and women will love them! isn't safe, but look at the fun they are having!

Look Mom! I can fly!

This picture shows the twin towers and the airplanes going through them and the fire above the towers. Those are emergency vehicles at the bottom of the page.

This was the title of the picture above. On another drawing, he said over 100 died.

Check out Z’s classmates

Posted: November 18, 2009 in School

Ok, I had a little project to do for the teacher during book fair week at the school. I had to make a book box for her wish books. Anyway, I decided to take pictures of all the kids reading and stuff and that is what I put all over our class box. Here are a couple pictures I took of the class. They are sure some cute and very sweet kids! Pictures taken on November 12, 2009.

What a great looking class!

Mrs. V reading to the kids.

Z's favorite book at this time.

Ahhh....they are all reading.

Z reading with D. They read "EEKK" elbow to elbow and knee to knee when they read with buddies.

November 7, 2009, was little Miss. H’s birthday party. She had her party at Texas Jumping Beans and it was a blast. Z left there a sweaty mess. The kids got to play for about an hour before they got to do cake and hit the pinata. Then they got to jump some more before leaving. We even got a free pass to go back. Thanks M for the invite. We had a blast!

After the party, we headed to this really great pizza place to meet my brother in law and his family for dinner. Z just loves to see his cousins! We were there to celebrate hubby’s and J’s birthdays. After our yummy dinner, we went to Terra Toys to browse around. That is a huge toy store! WOW!


IMG_4950 11-7-09

Miss H with her face all painted up. Very nice!

IMG_4933fx 11-7-09

I am going to throw these blocks at you once you take this picture.

IMG_4935 11-7-09

Cake time.

IMG_4946 11-7-09

I am going to wack this pinata like crazy!

IMG_4949 11-7-09

I told you I was going to wack it!


Happy Birthday to my hubby!

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Birthdays

November 6, 2009, was my husband’s 42 birthday. Before taking Z to school, he had his daddy open his presents. Z picked out a bunch of fishing stuff for them to go fishing with and I got him a razor set. It was a nice morning and I think he was pleased with the gifts and how much his family loves him! Later that evening we went to dinner with our friends the P’s. We went to Chuy’s since that is hubby’s favorite place. We even got the waiters to sing happy birthday to him. I think he had a great day! We love you very much!

November 4, 2009, was another early release day for the kids at school. The teachers use a couple days out of the year for lesson planning and school meetings so the kids get out early. Well, we had plans to play with a couple friends from other classes. A and A were in Z’s preschool class last year and they also go to his school now. Their mom invited T and I to join them at Kiddie Acres. We had a nice time and the kids had a blast riding all the rides. Everyone got along great. Thank you for the invite J!

IMG_4874 11-4-09

These kids were thrilled today! They couldn't wait to ride the rides.

IMG_4875 11-4-09

Ferris wheel was the first choice.

IMG_4880 11-4-09

Airplanes next.

IMG_4892 11-4-09

They couldn't wait to ride the train!

IMG_4895 11-4-09

L is such a cutie pie!

IMG_4899 11-4-09

Z is riding on Tyler.

IMG_4902 11-4-09

Riding in the cars.

IMG_4905 11-4-09

Check out my boat.

IMG_4907 11-4-09

Merry go round and round and round!

IMG_4913 11-4-09

Now Z is riding Copper.

IMG_4916 11-4-09

This is one happy boy!

IMG_4921 11-4-09

Z and I rode the train one last time before we left the park.

After C’s birthday party on November 1, 2009, Z and hubby went fishing with K and J. They went to Georgetown where K’s family has a bunch of land. They said it was just beautiful out there. Z took a bunch of pictures of cows while they drove to the fishing hole. Z caught 3 large mouth bass fishes. K and J were not pleased as they weren’t as lucky as Z and his Dad. They decided to bring them home so we could eat them. Once home, Z did not realize exactly the process involved to take a live fish and prepare it to be eaten. So after we explained it to him, he flipped out. He cried and cried. But in the end, the fish were cleaned and hubby and I ate them the next night. Z was fine with it after it was all over with. He even wanted to look at the fish filets.

They will go back fishing and may not be bringing any home. But if they do, he is now prepared what happens to the little fish 🙂

IMG_4869 11-1-09

Proud little boy!

IMG_4870 11-1-09

What a smile!

C’s pony party

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Birthdays, Friends, Weekend Activities

Poor little C. She turned 5 at the beginning of October and had to have her party cancelled twice because of rain. You see she was going to have a pony party and with all the rain we had, the ponies could not walk on the slushy ground. So finally after a month passed, she was able to have her pony party. She was on cloud 9! What little girl wouldn’t be? I mean 4 ponies came to her house just for her! Thanks M for the invite. We had a great time.

IMG_4826 11-1-09

The birthday girl on her pony.

IMG_4838 11-1-09

Z gets a turn on a pony.

IMG_4841 11-1-09

Z and mom.

IMG_4849 11-1-09

Time to say goodbye to the ponies.

IMG_4857 11-1-09

C opens her gift from us. A pony paint set.

YEAH!!! Time for trick or treating with friends! We went out with T and her family around the neighborhood. We joined up with N from Z’s school and then joined up with A and A from school too. We even walked all the way over to K’s house from school. It was a fun night and we all got a lot of exercise to say the least.

Z was Optimus Prime the Transformer.

IMG_5660 10-31-09

We went to Walgreens to get our picture taken.

IMG_5666 10-31-09

Here are some pirates. M and her family.

IMG_5669 10-31-09

M and M!

IMG_5679 10-31-09

Picture time before trick or treating.

IMG_5680 10-31-09

That is my transformer!

IMG_5682 10-31-09

Z and Dad.

IMG_5689fx 10-31-09

Z, B and N from school.

IMG_5694 10-31-09

Trick or treat!

IMG_5697fx 10-31-09

Trick or treating is fun with friends.

IMG_5702 10-31-09

The gang is all here.

IMG_5720 10-31-09

What a fun pumpkin at A's house.

IMG_5724 10-31-09

What a haul!

October 30 was a super fun day for all the kids in our playgroup. D and I really planned a great event and had many many moms help us out to make this years party even better than last year. We had a face painting table, cupcake decorating table, marble painting table, popcorn glove table, make a ghost table, bean bag throw, touchy feely boxes, mummy wrap, costume contest, costume fashion show, trick or treating, a trick and treat game, and a fishing booth. We even had pizza and drinks for everyone. Those kids played and ran around having a blast. I even dressed up as a ghost and took pictures with the kids. Each kid left the party with a bag full of prizes from all the games and a bunch of candy from all the moms. The moms left with very tired kids!

IMG_5478 10-30-09

Cupcake decorating.

IMG_5495 10-30-09

Making a popcorn filled glove.

IMG_5496 10-30-09

Friends playing the trick and treat game.

IMG_5499 10-30-09

Ms. M painting the kids faces.

IMG_5508 10-30-09

I was 'ghosty' and posed with M in this picture.

IMG_5510 10-30-09

Z helped me work the fishing game.

IMG_5528 10-30-09

Z fishing for prizes.

IMG_5532 10-30-09

Ms. M wrapping M in a mummy outfit with toilet paper.

IMG_5533 10-30-09

Three boys working the fishing game.......this can't be good.

IMG_5541 10-30-09

Z marble painting.

IMG_5564 10-30-09

Z was a transformer and walking the red carpet for the costume fashion show.

IMG_5613 10-30-09

Trick or treating time.

IMG_5626 10-30-09

I was one happy mom!

IMG_5649 10-30-09

I got a lot of hugs from the kids when they left. This is little Miss M.