School Carnival

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, School, Weekend Activities

After many hours of volunteer work and preparing for our school carnival, October 24, 2009 finally came!!! YEAH!!!!

There was a silent auction for the school and each class was to donate a basket of some kind to put in the auction to help raise money for the PTA. Our class picked Build A Bear as our theme. We arranged 3 separate baskets for the auction. I think they turned out fabulous! We also had a booth at the carnival to run for our class and we had to work the Alien Coke Toss. We had parent volunteers from the class work our booth during the carnival. We played a ton of games, saw lots of school friends, and we even got to see D and her family there. We invited M and her family to join us at the carnival since she helped me last-minute with watching Z that week while I worked on carnival stuff. We got to bid on a Lego basket and a ceramic tile party for 4 at the silent auction and won those items. I also won the duck race for the school volunteers. It was a super fun time at the carnival.

After the carnival was over and our booth was closed down and we picked up our auction items, we headed to Chuy’s with M and her family. And it was nice to see B again; she joined us for dinner too.

IMG_4751 10-24-09

We are ready for the fun!

Here fishy fishy!

Fishing game

Strong kid!

Strong man game.

Launch pad.

Launch pad game.

Our booth at the carnival.

Our class booth – the Alien Coke Toss.

Z and L.

Z and L from school.

Z and M.

Z and M from playgroup.

Before the train ride.

About to ride on the train.

This ride is fun!

Wiggle train ride.

Z and the P girls (C and C).

Z with the P sisters from playgroup.

Z and K.

Z and K from school.

Z and C.

Z and C from school.

Cake Walk.

Cake walk game.

Bounce House.

Bounce house

Z dunked the principle! Way to go!

Z dunked the principle in the dunking tank.

One of our class baskets for the silent auction.

Pictures of our class baskets.

Another one of our class baskets for the silent auction.

Another one of our class baskets for the silent auction.


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