Pre-K graduation ceremony

Posted: May 23, 2009 in General Information, Rewards, School

Wednesday, May 20, was Z’s Pre-K graduation! It was so cute! The kids were each dressed in a royal blue cap and gown. They walked into the the auditorium so grown up and proud to see mom and dad. Z walked with a smile plastered on his face and was waving. Then when he got to his seat, he sat there still waving and smiling. My guess is they told them to wave and smile but didn’t tell them when they could stop 🙂 He is such a rule follower! We all sat and watched a cute slide show from the activities throughout the year and then the kids did a super cute performance of many many many songs. The best one by far was the ABC Rock and each kid had pretend musical instruments. They all had such a fun time singing! Finally after all the clapping was over from their performance, the kids headed back to their chairs and waited to hear their name called. It was time to hand out the diplomas. When they called the child’s name, they were to walk on stage and get their diploma and then walk across the stage and stop half way and hold up their diploma and pose for a picture then proceed to the other side of the stage. It was so cute watching these kids do that! The teachers gave each kid a hug as they entered and left the stage. Everyone was so proud and you could see the teachers getting a little sad knowing these kids were moving on to Kindergarten and that they would be missed. It was such a special day and I am so glad hubby was able to take time off work to come watch! Z invited his best friend, A and her mom, D, to watch as well. And as always, cake and punch was served after the performance.

After we left the school and hubby went back to work, Z and I came home to watch the slide show Ms R put together for the kids in Z’s class. It was only kids from his class and from activities throughout the year. It was about 20 minutes long and absolutely WONDERFUL! What a great gift! Next we went to the mall for some Disney Store shopping then onto Chuck E Cheese for games. Lastly we met Daddy for dinner at the Olive Garden. What a perfect day!

Congratulation my sweet boy! You are growing up so fast! We are so proud of you honey!

Diploma time!

Diploma time!

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  1. rosalyn says:

    We were lucky enough to get to do the Chuckee Cheese thing after graduation too 🙂

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