Bring a Bear to School

Posted: September 27, 2008 in School

Yesterday at school was “bear” day. The kids were asked to bring a teddy bear to school so Z brought his Build A Bear named “Present Toes” with him. They did bear activities throughout the day and had a really great time. The kids made a bear hat and decorated them (I forgot to get a picture of him with his hat), they made large bears with moving arms and legs, and I am sure other stuff I don’t even know about yet.

I wanted to share something that Z told me about when he was decorating his bear. Apparently when he was coloring his bear’s face at school he was putting eyelashes on it. His school friends told him that was making it a girl bear and of course he disagreed with them. He was so upset because boys have eyelashes too. Well, he is absolutely correct; we all have eyelashes. I told him next time to tell the kids they also have eyelashes and that not just girls have them. Hubby and I tried to explain to him that when people draw girls they usually put eyelashes on them to show they are girls. But talk about a literal kid here. Not sure if he bought it or not 🙂

  1. A's Momma says:

    It’s funny but A puts eyelashes on her girls too, but doesn’t on the boys. I guess it’s just a subtlety that she’s picked up. Good job though Z for noticing that boys have eyelashes too 🙂

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